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  1. kmarks

    Join me at Fiesta Americana

    Open to all, but especially for landlocked Midwesterners: I'm an assistant instructor (soon to be open water instructor) with Diventures and will be leading a trip to Cozumel at the end of October. We'll be staying at the Fiesta Americana and diving with Dive House. We'll be doing 5 days of...
  2. kmarks

    100th Dive "Tradition"

    I was out diving with some other folks from my shop this weekend and one of the guys said that he was a little warm in his 8/7 in the quarry and I jokingly asked him if he would be hitting #100 today and stripping it off. He got very excited about the idea of doing his 100th dive in the nude...
  3. kmarks

    Have you used an Air 2 in COLD water?

    Let me start by saying I don't want to hear unfounded negative opinions on the Air 2 or any integrated octo/inflators or recommendations on what I should buy instead. My shop has recently decided that they really want to start pushing the SSI model of instructors representing the shop's gear...
  4. kmarks

    Scuba Choice Scuba 90 deg Adaptor?

    I usually dive with a 7-foot primary hose and a necklaced second, but I'm going to be doing my SSI Assistant Instructor training next month and I want to simplify things as much as possible for the in-water drills, specifically the simulated rescues, so I'm temporarily switching my primary to a...
  5. kmarks

    Table Rock Lake, 7/15 or 7/18?

    I'm sure this is a long shot, but is anybody in the area up for dive or two at Table Rock lake either Sunday or Wednesday of next week? I'm going to be staying with my family at Still Waters Resort, very close to Indian Point Dive Center, and on the other side of the lake from the State Park...
  6. kmarks

    Cozumel - El Cuento de Mi Viaje Solo

    Back in February my wife had to book a conference for work and it so happened that it was in our home town, where both of our families still live, but 1200 miles from where we currently live. The conference would be from June 5-10, and she thought it would be a perfect idea to take our 15 month...
  7. kmarks

    Subsurface Mobile + Chromebook?

    Anyone have any luck running Subsurface Mobile on a Chromebook? I was really hoping I could get it to connect to my Vyper Air via the USB3 port on my Acer R13, but nothing so far. The DC recognizes that it is connected and enters data transfer mode, but if I go into the Subsurface App and try to...
  8. kmarks

    Update me on the battery rules!

    I'm getting ready for my first flight into Cozumel in 4 years and it seems like the rules on which bag batteries go into at the airport have flipped and flopped about four times since then. I plan to bring at least two cameras with me and a back up battery for each of them. In the past...
  9. kmarks

    Steel or Aluminum, this brand or that?

    How do/did you choose? I know I'll get some very passionate responses. I'm not actually shopping to buy at the moment as I'm just getting back into diving after a few years off and I want to make sure it's going to stick this time around, but even still I'm completely overwhelmed. I just...
  10. kmarks

    June Roll Call?

    We have April, May, and then we skip right to July. Am I going to be all alone? Kevin - Just me --- 5-10 June --- Caribo Cozumel --- Scuba With Alison
  11. kmarks

    Not a Dive Op Review - Just Favorite Photos

    From another thread that will go unnamed: I agree. So lets start it here. Add one photo. Just one. Make it your favorite picture you have taken in Cozumel, underwater or topside. I know picking one photo of the thousands some of us have is a pretty tall order, but let's give it a go. Please...
  12. kmarks

    Really stupid question about FONATUR

    So I haven't been to Cozumel since the FONATUR marina opened and I have a really simple, stupid question: Do people pronounce the acronym like it's a word? As in, if I approach a cab driver the first morning and say "¡Buenos días! Voy a la marina phone-uh-tur," will I get a funny look or will he...
  13. kmarks

    Water comfort in late September

    No, I'm not asking about water temperature, at least not directly. I've been to Cozumel three times: twice for a week in December and once for a day in April, but only gone diving in December. I will be spending a day in Cozumel coming off of a cruise on September 22 and will be diving. I know...
  14. kmarks

    One day in Roatan - Who should I dive with?

    I'm going to be in Roatan for a single day in late September as a port of call on the Carnival Magic. I'm normally a week long land vacation diver, and I have little to no interest in booking a dive excursion with the ship for a number of reasons. I'm sure there are hundreds of options for great...
  15. kmarks

    Gear acquisition in stages

    I'm sorry if this topic has already been discussed and beaten to death in this forum. I skimmed through the first two hundred or so threads and didn't see anything that looked like it would answer my question. I'm just starting down the scuba road, having passed OW at the end of June. My wife...
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