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  1. Jersey

    Review Puff Wonders of the Reef. (Netflix)

    I enjoyed it, beat watching some of the drivel that passes for 'entertainment' today. Thanks for calling it out.
  2. Jersey

    Questions re Bonaire for New Divers

    We were there in October and every time we drove by Salt Pier it looked like a car dealership. Two rows deep. But other days no one around. At Andrea(s) a 3 pack was getting out as we got in and that was it. Had the site to ourselves. We had the Lake to ourselves. While I know its not good...
  3. Jersey

    Cutting Costs

    Yep - like UNCFNP & Lorenzoid we freeze steaks & big boneless chicken breasts, sealed in Food Saver bags, then wrap in neoprene skins for the flight. Still frozen solid when we arrive. I also create small Food Saver bags for herbs & spices >salt, peppper, garlic salt, Italian seasonings...
  4. Jersey

    Trip Report Bonaire: Den Laman and Dive Friends, October 20-November 3, 2021

    Great pics, especially the chasm that was the frogfish mouth
  5. Jersey

    looking for dive buddies: Bonaire, Buddy Dive Feb 12-23

    Greetings! Your post may get more responses in the Bonaire forum, usually a good bit of activity over there. There is a 2022 Role Call thread, you can find members who will be on island + resort during your dates. If you are like the rest of us, you will be hooked for good. Easiest diving...
  6. Jersey

    Trip Report First Time to Bonaire & Buddy Dive

    Yep, planning is a beautiful thing. Buddy boat may be Klein or a less accessible main site - think Rappel, Small Wall (no land side access), Thousand Steps (because I hate hauling gear), drift dives between sites, but usually Klein. The crew does ask for site suggestions. Understand the...
  7. Jersey

    Monthly Vacation Rental in Bonaire

    You can also check with the local realtors or rental companies. Two that come to mind - and Looking forward to retiring and being able to take a month there.
  8. Jersey

    Travel BCD Recommendation for a Petit Woman

    Let me throw another candidate out there. Had the opportunity to test dive the DiveRite Hydrolyte carbonfibre BP/W recently. Wow. Compact, midweight (6lb), streamlined, oh so comfortable.
  9. Jersey

    What’s with this?

    Hate to say you are correct BUT the island and the diving will make up for the rigamarole to get there. We were turned away at the Delta gate in PHL 10/2, PCR from 9/30 hadnt come back, we had quick antigen (negative), planned on using the ATL quick test facility to get the PCR as we had a 3+...
  10. Jersey

    Good family hotel with house reef?

    Just back from trip # 15 @ Buddy. Would recomend it as it meets your criteria - lovely pools, great breakfast options (eggs to order! Pasteries! Bacon! COFFEE!!), excellent instructors who have been there a long time. Awesome house reef, I would say the house reef had more sealife than some...
  11. Jersey

    Covid surging in Bonaire

    Yep, that was why I'm posting between my tears. Found out PHL DOES have the rapid PCR test, however only opens at 0730, so wouldn't have made the 0530 flight. Had I known about that option, we would've gotten the test at the airport in advance. I've used the same lab for 2 trips earlier this...
  12. Jersey

    Covid surging in Bonaire

    Should be enroute. 😥 Currently sitting in PHL as Delta WOULD NOT let us board without a negative PCR test result in hand. Don’t know if all departure points and or all airlines are so stringent but Delta is checking that every i is dotted and t is crossed. Had my Bonaire Health declaration...
  13. Jersey

    Shore diving the east side

    No thanks to that Boka Omina giant stride. Another Bas Tol fan. His brief is very thorough, including precise instructions on riding the surge back in, following him through the cut, etc. I'm glad I listened. Saw some different critters. My buddy did the East side when Larry ran his RIB...
  14. Jersey

    2022 Bonaire Roll Call

    Just Us Divers (Lin & Tim) are back March 12 - 26, 2022. Hoping to be joined by The Joes (Joe Sr & Jr) for at least a week. Buddy Dive UGGGHHHH - hoping to be there Saturday - 10/2 PCR nasal swabs sent off this morning (48 hrs) but hear testing is backing up to 48-72 hrs due to mutations.
  15. Jersey

    Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning

    My drowning story is almost exactly like Dans, I was 4, off the aluminum decking around an above ground pool. 55 years later remember laying there looking up through the water and seeing my dad's arm lean down and grab me up almost immediately. My mother never learned to swim and she kept eagle...
  16. Jersey

    Help Needed - St Thomas, St John Dive Site Recommendations

    Hi George - Worked on St T for a year and tried to dive as much as possible. Almost all boat, save a couple shore from Coki > can't really recomend that. Best diving near St T is out at French Cap, weather often not cooperative, it's a bit of a haul and as it's deeper (90+ foot) shop would...
  17. Jersey

    Buddy Dive Orientation

    Funny you say that. I flew to Hawaii in May. Long haul coming from East Coast. They feed you on a long flight, everyone takes off their masks to eat and drink. Not to be gross, but breathing, spittle, chewing, etc. I thought 'so much for all that masking, socially distancing, etc. '
  18. Jersey

    Buddy Dive Orientation

    LOL, will keep an eye out. Yep - packed the KN95's, I'm sure we will be whippin out the hand sanitizer and wiping the seats/bulkhead/tray tables/back of seat with Lysol wipes. Which is never really a BAD idea. PM sent George and Matt.
  19. Jersey

    Buddy Dive Orientation

    There is only 1 Delta flight, so if youse guys are on it, we are arriving together. Depending on number of guests there may be more than 1 transfer bus to the resort. It's 'Just Us' as well - my better half and myself. We will be joined in ATL by another couple, met about 12 years ago at...
  20. Jersey

    Buddy Dive Orientation

    Yep, Sat orientation and you can jump in anytime though we wait till next day. I am usually drained - physically, mentally and emotionally arrival day. My buddy is usually up for dive, but 'Team' rules the day. And no way is my shakedown dive going to be a night dive. I usually like to...
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