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  1. ctx120

    Ascent from a beach dive at 20-30 ft

    Thanks to all that replied . Next time somebody tell me I'm taking to long I reply with rather be safe then sorry .
  2. ctx120

    Ascent from a beach dive at 20-30 ft

    What everybody said is how I feel .the last post about her free diving is true and she uses it while she scuba dives , and she was trying to tell me I need to do the same .I just said sure -but under my breath I really said hope u don't end up in the hospital . Just wanted to make sure I was on...
  3. ctx120

    Ascent from a beach dive at 20-30 ft

    That exactly what I thought , she told me that as a scuba diver and free diver that the way she was taught .I taughted my son and grandson to ascent all low level dives to ascent at a slow rate no matter what other might think .Let them wait on the surface . Thanks
  4. ctx120

    Ascent from a beach dive at 20-30 ft

    A discussion about the way I ascent from depths of 20-30 ft make me wonder which way is correct I have heard two different scenario about how to ascent from a beach dive. At a depth of 20 -30 ft I watch my computer gauge while I ascent if I trig alarm I slow up . The reason I was once told the...
  5. ctx120

    Shore dive around Pompano 6th Street?

    starting at 2nd street to south 8th street even though the signs read no diving , nobody boths U except by th pier .U have to go south or north of the pier . I been diving pompano for 5 years no have body bothers U .They will if u don't have a dive flag .Exit on a No dive area is ok , it's the...
  6. ctx120

    Needing Flight Advice to Bonaire

    actually I made a mistake I did book for Friday july 19 ( dive N.Y 2013 group ) leaves Miami at 7AM . DAE airlines
  7. ctx120

    Needing Flight Advice to Bonaire

    I have a flight in July to bonaire same situation your talking about .I booked the 7 am flight from Miami lands in bonaire at 11:00 am 45 layover .Bonaire July 20
  8. ctx120

    Robyn Spalter

    Rest in peace .Dived with Robyn a few times
  9. ctx120

    Jellyfish reports?

    Last Saturday shore diving off sunrise blvd beach walls of jelly . Even at 20 ft at the sand .what a mess . if u doing a beach dive recommend to bring a snorkel with u
  10. ctx120

    Anybody Beach Diving Sept 26 or 27?

    all three days Blue Heron Bridge :confused: go with post #3 & #5 .
  11. ctx120

    Are you wearing snorkel while SCUBA diving?

    Florida shore diving Jelly fish season , Never leave the beach with-out one :shocked2:
  12. ctx120

    Newbie Diver Mistakes-Don't do what I did

    3 years ago I lost my camera slipped off my wrist .Went out and purchasedd clips , Lanyard with clips , and any type of device that u clip one end on to your BC and the other end to camera .and u never remove the side attached to BC .This shoudl give u some sort of idea what I talking about...
  13. ctx120

    R.I.P Netmage

    I dived with Tim a few times in Boynton beach , and any time a dive buddy passes it always makes u think . I never forget the first time I meet Hello Kitty .I couldn't figure out what that was all about .I have a teacher who decorates her classroom in pink with hello kitty all over the walls ...
  14. ctx120

    Goliath grouper aggregation in Jupiter video +

    Yes I remember that dive from two years ago .The sound they make reminds me of a barking dog . I trying to do the dive with-in the next two weeks
  15. ctx120

    HELP! Plaza Resort Bonaire Gets Mixed Reviews

    I was with the group of 26 divers in july , everything I want to say has already been said . I have no complaints . Hot water , kitchen , A/C , towels , I even got extra towels , ok I took them from the cart when nobody was looking :shocked2:
  16. ctx120

    Oakland ledges / Caves

    My group of beach divers have dived pompano drop off , lauderdale hall of fame , Anglin pier ledge, Dania Bch and now I looking for information regarding The Caves / Twin Ledges /oakland ridge moorings . Can anybody provide information about these sites . Any information you can provide will be...
  17. ctx120

    'Lauderdale shore dive map...

    check out these links Gold Coast Scuba Divers (954) 616-5909 (Fort Lauderdale, FL) - Meetup Gold Coast Scuba » Your Site Name
  18. ctx120

    Ft Lauderdale diving

    He hasn't responded with date , that would help .I sent him a PM with the link to GCS . I off until end of July able to dive every day :)
  19. ctx120

    Shore diving Memorial Day Week!

    Saturday morning I leading a dive group out to Mooring ball ( drop off) , but let me know if your dive is late in the afternoon
  20. ctx120

    Shore diving Memorial Day Week!

    Saturday LBTS available for me .let me know
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