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  1. scuba5150

    Nitrox shortage????

    I picked up my tanks yesterday filled with 32% nitrox. I was informed that this might the last nitrox fill for a while. There seems to be an oxygen shortage probably related to COVID-19. The fill station's oxygen supplier told them not to expect any oxygen deliveries for a while. Any other...
  2. scuba5150

    What's the sign for "that's cool - thanks"

    When diving, someone usually points out something that I hadn't seen that's really cool. I want a sign to say "I see it and it's really cool - thanks." I've tried giving a thumbs up, but got roundly criticized by my son since it's the signal to ascend. I've tried clapping my hands together...
  3. scuba5150

    Captain overboard

    Scuba boat captain thrown overboard going through Boynton Beach inlet in Florida:
  4. scuba5150

    Bag drag question

    My wife and I are going to Cozumel soon and I have a question about the trip from Cancun to Coz, please. We will be schlepping our diving gear in suitcases along with a carry on bag each. The question is what do most people do when you reach the ferry - do you "check" bags on the ferry? Can...
  5. scuba5150

    Buttons on Perdix computer

    I'm looking for a new computer and I am coming close to deciding on the Perdix. However, I'm a little concerned about the buttons on the Perdix. From the pictures I've seen, it appears that that using the two buttons may be awkward. My concerns are: 1. Are the buttons easy to work with (push)...
  6. scuba5150

    Warren Sapp bitten by shark

    Warren Sapp bitten by shark during lobster trip in Florida Keys PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. - Former Miami Hurricanes and Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp was bitten by a shark Wednesday while catching lobsters off the Florida Keys.
  7. scuba5150

    Link to Lady Luck sinking

    Here's the link to the sinking of the Lady Luck off Pompano, FL It was originally a live streaming on youtube that they have now posted on youtube. They took the video from a drone with a camera flying over the ship as she was sunk.
  8. scuba5150

    Replica Easter Island Heads Deerfield Beach

    The local newspaper reported that a dive team has been working to upright some of the concrete Easter Island replica heads that got trapped under a barge a few months ago. Here's the link:
  9. scuba5150

    New Wreck Coming To Pompano Beach

    "The 305-foot long, 2,557-ton Newtown Creek will retire in July to the watery depths about a mile and a half east of the city's pier for its new life as an artificial reef." Pompano to transform sludge tanker into a dive reef that looks like casino
  10. scuba5150

    Trouble shooting question

    Had a problem today when diving with the Intova Sport HD. The camera was working fine for a while, but then "froze" in the record mode and had a spinning wheel image in the center of the view finder. I could not turn the camera off, and could not stop the recording mode. I tried the following...
  11. scuba5150

    Torn ligament - how long 'till I can dive again

    Six weeks ago I suffered an inversion (lateral) ankle sprain. MRI showed a torn anterior talofibular ligament with some stretching of the deltoid ligament. So far I've been treated with NSAIDs which I took for 4 four weeks, compression with an ace bandage wrap, elevation (when feasible), and...
  12. scuba5150

    Status of Coral Princess Accident Investigation??

    Dose anyone know the status of the Coral Princess accident investigation? The Coral Princess was the dive boat out of Pompano Beach, FL that flipped when attempting to return from a dive trip through the Hillsboro Inlet in Nov. 2012, and one person died. I haven't been able to find anything at...
  13. scuba5150

    Visibility in South Florida

    I have heard that the ocean visibility in South Florida (Fort Lauderdale north to Jupiter) can be adversely affected by the release of fresh water from the numerous canals that provide flood control. I’ve heard that the volume of water released “stirs things up” sediment-wise and that the...
  14. scuba5150

    Rechargeable batteries for light???

    I have a new LED light that is very bright with NEW alkaline batteries, but dims noticeably after a couple of dives. I'm thinking of switching to rechargeable lithium batteries. From what I've read, the power of lithium batteries will "fall off" much more slowly than with alkaline batteries...
  15. scuba5150

    Is my computer / watch at risk?

    I use the bands that came with my computer and my diving watch to strap them to my wrist (over my wetsuit). In reading and perusing scubaboard I see that some recommend using a bungee holder for the computer and a NATO style band for the watch to prevent them from being lost. I’ve also seen a...
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