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  1. EKKsoldier622

    "5mil but feels like a 7mil" - Bare Reactive, Henderson Aqualock

    Looking to get a nice 5mm suit. I have asked many people and the same 2 suits keep coming up; the Bare Reactive (2021ver. has recently been mentioned to me), as well as the Henderson Aqualock. Both have been mentioned as being a "5mm but feels like 7mm" kinda wetsuit. Any preference for, or...
  2. EKKsoldier622

    Diving off Stuart for Spearfishing and Lobster

    I have a very good buddy that owns a boat and w're going to check out some spots for spearfishing and lobstering before season ends, in the next couple days. What can you tell me about these places, and any others I should consider • Loran Tower Ledges (mod 80'?) • Peck's Lake for lobsters...
  3. EKKsoldier622

    'Grommeting' holes into BCD Pocket for more support

    How should I go about doing this that doesn't cause tearing or unraveling of the pocket? I have a Pro QD w/ I3 and attached a pretty nice little SOG knife to the two existing grommet holes, but would like to wrap some more zip ties around the other side to add more support; I simply lack the...
  4. EKKsoldier622

    Shark Canyon & other popular shark spots

    Where is Shark Canyon located (GPS preferable), and other popular places to see sharks in southeast florida? I hear Juno Ledge is quite popular. I'm a biology student at FAU and needless to say, I get excited whenever I see a shark while diving. Looking to get my 'fix'
  5. EKKsoldier622

    Pro Plus 2.1 Battery Oring?

    Totally crazy question, but here it goes. I'm looking to get some backup batteries (CR2's) and some backup Battery Compartment orings for my Pro Plus. Would anybody happen to know the oring size used in the compartment? (I know there is an OEM kit, but for the same price I can get 3-5...
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