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    RIP Dr. Bill

  3. fnfalman

    RIP Dr. Bill

    Casino Point dives will never be the same again without Dr. Bill.
  4. fnfalman

    Double Double

    He's back with a vengeance!!!
  5. fnfalman

    Dive Dry With Dr. Bill #690: Withering Away

    Poor abalones can't get a break.
  6. fnfalman

    Dive Dry With Dr. Bill #686: Night And Day... You Are The "one"

    I never paid enough attention to the female sheepheads while night diving. If I were to ever do SoCal dives again in the future, I'll make sure to do night dives and look for these camouflage discolorations on the female sheepheads.
  7. fnfalman

    Los Coronados Boat Dive

    Did you see any triggerfish?
  8. fnfalman

    Death Comes To The Great White

    Dr Bill, you think that the white abalone might have been eaten by an octopus?
  9. fnfalman

    Sport Chalet To Cease Operations And Close All Locations

    I feel bad for the dive charters that work with Sport Chalet. Like it or not, Sport Chalet put a lot of students on those boats.
  10. fnfalman

    Will The Kelp Return?

    I heard reports of 46-F water temp at San Miguel island. At least the kelps will start growing back out there.
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    Los Coronados Boat Dive

    Los coronados water can be very cold. As in high 40-Fs. viz could be very poor, as in 5-ft horizontal.
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    Bad News From Santa Rosa Blue Hole

    It's so sad to know that a person (Mr. Thompson) that I've met in passing while on one of the diving excursions down in San Diego had died in my home state's dive spot.
  13. fnfalman

    The Winter Of Our Discontent

    My point is that humans began ruining this planet for a long time now and civilization has nothing to do with it.
  14. fnfalman

    The Winter Of Our Discontent

    Oh puh-leeze with the noble savage deal. American Indians have been known to run bisons off cliffs before civilization came to them.
  15. fnfalman

    Any Guided Dives To See Kelp, Seals, Etc..

    There are spots are Santa Barbara Island and Anacapa Islands which are sea lion rookeries. However there's no guarantee that these spots are diveable at any moment. Mother Nature has a lot to say about where we can go. Seals are a lot rarer to see.
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    Dive Dry With Dr. Bill #680: Vicious Beasts

    I don't care what they say, I still call it the Hypsie.
  17. fnfalman

    Open Water Dives to Complete Certification? (DESPERATE!)

    Or do the referral checkout OW dives on the trip. I'm sure that the vacation dive shops do a lot of these referrals.
  18. fnfalman

    Open Water Dives to Complete Certification? (DESPERATE!)

    Why not talk with your shop instructor(s) to do shore dives for both of your husband and son? There's nothing that says open water has to be done from a boat. If schedule is tight then two shore dives on Saturday and two shore dives on Sunday then they're done. Assuming that Mother Nature...
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    Maybe the species could be renamed as "sea dragon" instead?
  20. fnfalman

    TWARS (This Week at Reef Seekers) - February 28 - March 7

    Thanks for the update. Most unfortunate to hear about the fatality at Veterans Park.
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