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  1. diverrex

    In Bonaire now - earliest airport check-in for AA flight?

    We are almost done with two weeks of good diving in Bonaire and are leaving Saturday, December 11 on the 4:20 AA flight. This time (our 8th Bonaire trip) we are thinking of trying to check our luggage at the airport as early as possible then take off in our rental car for lunch somewhere before...
  2. diverrex

    For Sale CLOSED - AERIS A300CS $100 no transmitter

    I have a like new Aeris A300CS for sale. I won this a few years ago in a raffle. Used only 9 dives. I have 4 other computers so I don't really need it. Good backup for someone already using this computer. Look at page 31 of this link: Sport Diver - May 2014 | Scuba Diving | Flash (Photography)
  3. diverrex

    Sea Monkeys dive op review - excellent dive op in Islamorada

    We used Sea Monkeys for three days of diving early July. Our families were staying in Marathon but we made the drive to Islamorada because they were the only dive op we could find in the area that was only a six pack and also put a guide in the water. They were a great choice and I highly...
  4. diverrex

    Dive ops near Marathon?

    I'm looking to do 3 days of diving around Marathon in July. Since it is a family trip with non divers in the group I'd like to stick close to Marathon if possible rather than drive to Key Largo or Key West. It will be my nephew and me (experienced divers) and our two wives (infrequent divers -...
  5. diverrex

    Any good dive or other rolling bags with plastic (non-metal) zipper and pulls?

    Does anyone know of any good heavy duty rolling bags, dive gear or otherwise, that use all plastic zippers including the pulls? I use a Stahlsac gear bag for local CA diving. I really like it and it has held up well over the years except the metal pulls corrode in the salt air and get harder to...
  6. diverrex

    Cayman Airways to Cayman Brac excess luggage on the small planes?

    Thinking of a mid November trip to Cayman Brac. I was hoping to get in and out of there on the 737 flights but looks now like we may be going Friday and coming back Sunday so we will be on the small plane. My understanding is that the small plane has a one checked bag limit but will accept a...
  7. diverrex

    Brac watre temp late Nov, early Dec?

    For those that have visited Cayman Brac in November or December what has been the water temp?
  8. diverrex

    Brac to MIA Cayman Airways questions

    Thinking of booking our first trip to Cayman Brac and have some questions about flying from Cayman Brac to Miami for those with experience. My understanding is that the 6:05 AM Saturday flight stops in GCM on the way from Brac but then continues direct to Miami, that's why there is only one...
  9. diverrex

    Any easy rental car pickup/drop off besides Telerin (Poppy)?

    I've always said that Poppy has the easiest pickup/drop off of any rental car I've rented anywhere in the world. Meet a guy just outside customs, sign a form and he shows you a car in the lot, maybe it takes 2 minutes for pickup. Drop off is even easier, park in the airport lot and leave the...
  10. diverrex

    Cobalt quick disconnect o-ring replacement

    Last time out diving my Cobalt hose was leaking at the quick disconnect. I think it's the #3 o-ring down inside the barrel of the quick connect fitting. I managed to get the old o-ring off but have no idea how to get the new one on since my fingers can't fit into the barrel. Does anyone know how...
  11. diverrex

    What is the current Jupiter water temp?

    I'm coming from California to Jupiter next weekend (3/12 & 3/13) for two days of diving. What is the current water temp?
  12. diverrex

    Wrist strap boot for SK-8

    Where can I buy a wrist strap boot for a SK-7 or SK-8? I really like my bungee mount but don't like pulling the bungee straps over my wrist seals.
  13. diverrex

    Do any San Pedro dive ops offer 100 cu ft tanks?

    Just wondering if any San Pedro ops offer 100 cu ft tanks? I probably don't need it necessarily but since I always use a 100 or 130 for local diving I'm just used to having lots of air.
  14. diverrex

    Any nonstops from Orlando to Bahamas out islands?

    I will be at a wedding near Orlando in November and would like to do some diving for a few days after. So far I've found non stop flights from Orlando to Nassau. I'd rather go to a less crowded out island. I need a non stop flight because I'll be returning Sunday to Los Angeles. Does anyone know...
  15. diverrex

    Fiji Airways - anyone with experience with extra baggage?

    My wife and I just booked a trip on Fiji Airways (formerly Air Pacific) to Taveuni for the 2nd week of November. I'm trying to figure out how to deal with my baggage and Fiji Airways baggage limits. If it was just dive gear and clothes we could probably each manage with one 50 pound checked bag...
  16. diverrex

    How's the diving at Wananavu in Fiji?

    I'm trying to convince my wife that we should go to Fiji for 9 days in November. We have so far only dived in the Caribbean. Wananavu is looking like our first pick based on a number of factors but I'd like to be convinced we would enjoy the diving both out in the Bligh waters and also the...
  17. diverrex

    Fiji diving versus Caribbean - is it better?

    So far my wife and I have only made dive trips to the Caribbean (Belize 2x, Curacao, Akumal MX, Cozumel 2x, Dominica, Grand Cayman, Bonaire 3x and Saba). We would like to try for some better quality diving in the far Pacific and partly because of the convenience of a direct flight from Los...
  18. diverrex

    What drysuit undergarments for new drysuit diver in SoCal?

    After 6 years and 225+ dives of diving wet I think I am finally going to make the switch to diving dry. Not sure if my wetsuit has become compressed or I'm just getting less tolerant of the cold but I just don't enjoy diving in 54 degree water as much as I used to. I spend too much time looking...
  19. diverrex

    Reg serial numbers - can you tell year of manufacture?

    I have 3 MK25/S600 regs, one I bought new and the other 2 used. I know how old the new one is but not sure about the other 2. Can you tell the year of manufacture from the serial number?
  20. diverrex

    Seaquest Balance BC size M, great BC at good price!

    Selling my Seaquest Balance BC because I've moved to a BP/W. This is a great back inflate BC, always one of the most popular BC's on our local boats. This BC was always well taken care of. I drive a truck so when I dive I fill a large cooler with fresh water and when the boat gets back I dump...
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