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  1. Krabby

    Key Largo dive trip

    We're going to be in Florida next week and we were going to try to do a quick dive in Key Largo, and my friend who lives in Florida was trying to book us a dive and was told they are only doing private charters at the moment due to Covid. We don't have 6 people in our group to charter a whole...
  2. Krabby

    Wobbling STA

    I just got my bp/w put together and no matter how tight I make the STA it still wobbles. I'm going to assume it is from the grommets on the wing and the additional grommet on the harness. How do I reduce/eliminate that?
  3. Krabby

    Old Poseidon BC parts

    I have a 20 year old Poseidon Biscaya Techlift BC that is still in excellent shape . . . but . . . the pull-dump inflator hose has broken. The plastic valve in the shoulder connection has cracked. Because of its age, Poseidon was no help at all when I contacted them for replacement parts. My...
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