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  1. Saldiac

    best/must do dive sites at Perhentian Islands?

    I've searched through this forum and found a few good posts (e.g., but would love to hear more recommendations about which Perhentian dive sites should be at the top of the list. My wife and I will be...
  2. Saldiac

    a few near misses & lessons learned from a recreational scuba diver

    These are just 'minor' incidents that I encountered during the recreational scuba diving I've done so far. The first one happened the day after I finished my wreck dive course and was buddied up with someone on the boat. At that time I had done about 16/17 dives. We were diving either the Duane...
  3. Saldiac

    Hi from Madeira :-)

    Hey everyone, I'm a Dutch guy who has been lurking here for a while and now decided to join SB. I got certified as OW and AOW diver back in 2005 while backpacking in Australia. Also did a wreck dive course in 2006 at the Florida Keys. Then I unfortunately went without diving until 2011 when I...
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