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  1. Frontpointer1000

    Bolt snap stuck with sand

    Solo dive yesterday at La Jolla Cove. Vis around 1-5 feet until deeper and further out, then about 10 ft vis. Surge was pretty bad. Lots of sand and particulate matter (at one point vis was essentially zero). The bottom bolt snap on my slung alum 40 cf cylinder got jammed with sand and would...
  2. Frontpointer1000

    Venture heated vest...any experience?

    hi all. I’m just doing research at this point, but I’d certainly be interested in everyone’s opinions. I dive dry and despite using various undergarments, I still get cold at some point in the day. Coldest water I dive is 41°, but I’d certainly be open to diving colder. I will dive multiple...
  3. Frontpointer1000

    Solo at La Jolla

    I’ll be in San Diego next week for a conference. I was thinking about taking my gear and punching in a few times and La Jolla Cove. I’ve been diving a handful of times and love the area. What’s the status on solo diving in that area?
  4. Frontpointer1000

    What is this?

    Night dive at Frederiksted Pier, St. CROIX. I've never seen these before, translucent organisms by the hundreds, a little jelly like, quick moving. Couldn't get a good picture, but I drew what they looked like. About two inches in length. There were also translucent three to four inch worms...
  5. Frontpointer1000

    3 months of diving, need your help: St Croix, Cayman Brac & Aruba.

    So not really 3 months (I wish!). 2 weeks in St Croix in March, 1 week in CB in April, then one week in Aruba first week of May. I've got SC and CB dialed in, but the week of Aruba is an unknown for me, in terms of housing and dive ops. That week I'll be with my wife (beginner diver), and...
  6. Frontpointer1000

    Anniversary trip August 2017 to Rarotonga

    What is this place like for diving? I'm considering taking my wife here for an anniversary trip. She's a mellow diver, I'm down for anything. Thanks!!
  7. Frontpointer1000

    Subgravity rebreathers

    I still feel like CCR diving is away off for me, but I met the CEO of sub gravity today and had a great discussion with him. Turns out SG HQ is fifteen miles from my home, so just wondering who has used one of their rebreathers and what you all think of them? I love having a manufacturer so...
  8. Frontpointer1000

    Dry suit top three pieces of advice

    Hi guys/gals. This week I'll be working in Wyoming and I've got a few extra days that just fit for a dry suit cert course. I've been considering this for a few months and because it's cold enough and there are some good lakes near where ill be working, I've set up the course with a LDS. The...
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