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  1. Zosimus

    Video filitering software?

    Just being the rookie that I am, I’ve been checking out some things and had a good question for any of you guru’s out there. Let me start off with my rookie camera. I have an Intova 6mp digital camera that also takes video at low res. Bought this camera because it was cheap ($110 and...
  2. Zosimus

    *Short Notice* Cssp this weekend (aug 28-30)

    I know this is short notices, but got a call from Bobcat last night. He's driving up from H-Town and want's to get wet out at Cssp. I told him get his butt up here early today so that we can make it by gate closing time out there. We are gunna camp all weekend. We will be on the east side...
  3. Zosimus

    CSSP Weekend of the 21st thru 23rd

    Just checking to see who all would be interested. I have some buds that are wanted to go and was wondering if anyone else is planning to come out and play. We currently have not set which days, but we have thrown around some ideas going out Friday late afternoon and staying till Sunday...
  4. Zosimus

    CSSP Video Aug. 1, 2009

    First attempt at using a camera... Divers in video are TxHockyGuy and Zosimus. CSSP Video
  5. Zosimus

    CSSP Aug. 1&2, 2009 Pics (Zosimus & TxHockyGuy)

    Got to try out my new camera out at CSSP this weekend with TxHockeyGuy. First attempt at underwater photography. Had a great time out there this weekend. Camped out on Sat. night and had a fun night dive. Thanks TxHockeyGuy for letting me hang with you this weekend! And U SHO DU MAKE SUM...
  6. Zosimus

    Scuba Noob!

    Hello everyone! So I’m new to scuba, in fact I haven’t even completed my OW certification yet. I completed the classroom and confined water dives this past weekend, my open water dives are this coming weekend. I’m very excited to say the least. When I pass a mud puddle I have this strange...
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