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  1. Adr1an

    Anyone has recent info about 2 days Thistelgorm trip from Sharm?

    Emperor was doing it but they re-start in mid May. I called a number of dive centers but no one else has it. I'm talking about the 2 days -1 night trip which includes a night dive at the Thistelgorm, not about the day boats (those are plenty). Thanks a lot for any help. If you did it with...
  2. Adr1an

    Viton small o-ring for Suunto air spool?

    Just had the regulator set Oxygen cleaned and all the o-rings were changed to Viton except for the two small buggers on the air spool on my back-up computer (old Suunto air integrated). Does anyone know where to source these? Thanks a lot.
  3. Adr1an

    Mares Mr22 hard breathing and squealing at depth

    Hello everyone, I need a quick advice from those familiar with this regulator. I'm in Sharm (Red Sea) right now and my Mares setup (MR22 1st with Abyss 2nd) is noticeably harder to breathe from once I get deeper then 10m (33ft or so) and also starts squealing noticeably. Played a bit with the...
  4. Adr1an

    Disassembling the plastic cover of the Suunto SK-5/SK-6 compass

    I have this compass (bought with a lot of different other gear) and it is somehow "lazy" (as in needs to be tilted a bit to go towards north). It may be set on a different zone (being old enough to be from the 5 zones era) but my guess is that the needle just lost a bit of it's magnetic...
  5. Adr1an

    Mares MR12 and MR16 DIN 200BAR assemblies - identical or not?

    Had a look in the service manual and the numbers listed only differ by 1. (xxx803 vs xxx804) From the outside they look pretty much identical but of course the difference could be on the inside and then again could be very small/ hard to spot. Does anyone know whether these two parts are...
  6. Adr1an

    Trimix and Apnea on Galileo Sol

    Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to have both trimix and apnea upgrades installed on the Galileo Sol? If yes, is there any specific upgrade path? I downloaded both upgrades from the Scubapro website but there's a big warning not to downgrade to 1.6 Fw while the Apnea upgrade archive...
  7. Adr1an

    Fixing the beeper of an old style Suunto Eon

    I'm talking about the very old air integrated Eon (1995-ish), not the relatively recent model. These have a piezo buzzer installed in the plastic battery cover, this one had a leak in the battery compartment and the copper/ceramic disk is toast. Has anyone any experience in replacing the...
  8. Adr1an

    Dacor Eagle Sport 1st stage repair manual

    Hello everyone, Apparently the manual for this particular 1st stage made by Dacor after being purchased by Mares is nowhere to be found . They should be in the 2001 revision of the manual (mentioned here more complete Dacor Regulator Manual) but they are nowhere to be found online (1999...
  9. Adr1an

    Tipping on Red Sea liveaboards

    Hello everyone, Would you care to share your experiences with tipping on Red Sea liveaboards? As in the specifics (day to day or/plus envelopes at the end, separate for crew/divemasters or not and so on) plus amounts. Looking to figure out what to expect. Thanks a lot.
  10. Adr1an

    Mares demand lever height gauge (P/N 106230) for Akros/Nikos/ XTR/XL second stage

    Hello, I'm having a real hard time setting up the lever height on a Mares XL second stage, as the front cover presses on the diaphragm when installed. According to the manual, the correct way to do this without assembling the front cover 1000 times is to measure the lever height with the...
  11. Adr1an

    Any reason NOT to do the Suunto wireless transmitter recall?

    Was just about to ship mine in and the old saying "if it ain broke don't fix it" came to mind. Is there any reason not to do the recall? Mine is very old (came with the Vytec DS) and has the plastic base but never had a problem with it in over 10 years. Any link problems of funny readings...
  12. Adr1an

    Polarity of USB connection on Cressi Archimede II

    Hello everyone, I bought this old computer with other gear and plan to use it as backup, however the USB interface appears to be insanely expensive and hard to find. Apparently someone came up with a DIY one (found the schematics after googling hard) also there are some edited drivers that would...
  13. Adr1an

    Mares Syncro Pro BC weird failure

    Hi guys, I have this old(ish) but very little used Mares BC (model Syncro pro) and upon trying to inflate it today I discovered that the air is going out almost instantly trough some factory made holes located around the waist belt's fixing points. I'm attaching the photos, not sure if this...
  14. Adr1an

    More keyframes for GoPro videos?

    Does anyone know if there's any possibility to make the GoPro HD camera set more keyframes?
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