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  1. diverrex

    Just landed in Bonaire

    When we departed Bonaire on Dec 11 we had tested around 4:30 PM the day before. We uploaded our test results to Verifly and it took about 4 hours before Verifly confirmed the results and cleared our pass. It was much easier to check in with Verifly. We didn't have to fill out anything at the...
  2. diverrex

    Just landed in Bonaire

    We left Bonaire yesterday on AA. The VeriFLY app speeded up the departure process, I highly recommend it. When we went through Miami on Nov 27 the gate agent reviewed our vaccination cards and negative test results. We noted that he wasn’t paying any attention to the fact that our test was...
  3. diverrex

    In Bonaire now - earliest airport check-in for AA flight?

    We are almost done with two weeks of good diving in Bonaire and are leaving Saturday, December 11 on the 4:20 AA flight. This time (our 8th Bonaire trip) we are thinking of trying to check our luggage at the airport as early as possible then take off in our rental car for lunch somewhere before...
  4. diverrex

    Legal considerations for the Fire on dive boat Conception in CA

    The typical boat briefing in California has a section something like: “This boat is regulated by the USCG which is part of the Federal government so even though marijuana may be legal in California it is not legal on this boat. Do not bring any aboard even if it is medically prescribed.” They...
  5. diverrex

    Fire on dive boat Conception in CA

    I would get on a Truth Aquatics boat next week without any changes to the exits. I assume there would be changes to battery charging and fire warning system. And I certainty don’t want a saw down in the bunk room available to passengers.
  6. diverrex

    Legal considerations for the Fire on dive boat Conception in CA

    As a California diver who has used Truth Aquatics boats I think the dive market would still use them. They actually have the nicest boats in Southern California except for maybe the Horizon out of San Diego. I would go on a Truth Aquatics trip next week if they were running trips.
  7. diverrex

    Fire on dive boat Conception in CA

    Just a quick post to comment that I have been on this boat a number of times most recently on an overnight trip in January. I would go on this boat next week if they were running trips. I would expect a number of changes in battery charging procedures and some changes to the fire warning system...
  8. diverrex

    Fire on dive boat Conception in CA

    Read the article again. That was said by Jennifer Homendy from the NTSB as her recounting what a crew member said. Nothing says it was a direct quote by the crew member. Maybe he said “Double doorway”, maybe he said something like “where those double doors are”. We don’t know exactly what the...
  9. diverrex

    Fire on dive boat Conception in CA

    Not regularly. Occasionally you hit a spot that may have a weak signal. Also depends on carriers. My Verizon is useless out there.
  10. diverrex

    Fire on dive boat Conception in CA

    You are correct. There is not an actual charging station but a series of outlets around the perimeter of the salon.
  11. diverrex

    Fire on dive boat Conception in CA

    I think I am sane, you will surely disagree. I am scheduled to go out on a two-day trip on the Truth (the first boat of this operator) in two weeks. I am sure that trip will be cancelled. If it wasn’t cancelled I would go. Just like I still go into skyscrapers or ride in airplanes. We have...
  12. diverrex

    Fire on dive boat Conception in CA

    The Truth has a completely different stairway access than the Conception or Vision. On the Truth there is a wide stairway as you enter the rear of the galley near mid ship. The Conception and Vision have a more narrow stairway at the front of the galley toward the bow . All three vessels are...
  13. diverrex

    Fire on dive boat Conception in CA

    This is a terrible tragedy for the SoCal dive community. I'm not sure yet if I know any divers on this trip. I have been on the Conception overnight a number of times, the last time being January 2019. It is a really nice boat. The owner, Glen, runs a good operation. The crew is good. The bunk...
  14. diverrex

    Nitrox Blending - Single Tank

    This is so over thought. At 23% your mod is around 167 few and the NDL difference is negligible. Set on air after the Nitrox dive and don’t bother with any math. But good for you for understanding how the math would be done.
  15. diverrex

    Any equipment buying regrets ?

    Funny I think springs straps are the best thing ever, particularly for beach diving.
  16. diverrex

    Nitrox: Should I be worried?

    I probably shouldn’t open another can of worms, and I agree that all nitrox tanks should be analyzed, but I would’t be surprised if your class also made it clear that all Nitrox tanks should have a big green and yellow sticker wrapped around it. For private tanks often not case.
  17. diverrex

    Diving with contacts

    RGP spare lens are supposed to be stored dry, not in any solution. I wear RGP normally but have found they tend to come out diving or get washed out by a flooded mask much easier than daily soft lens. I think I lost three before I got smart and switched to soft lens just for diving. So I get a...
  18. diverrex

    Computer Travel Case

    The DGX case looks nice. But a long time ago I saw someone write a post about packing camera gear, which I always take with me. This poster said something like “why do you pack camera gear in special padding in one case and then take another case full of clothes which is similar to padding”...
  19. diverrex

    Latent organizational weakness

    To the OP. Welcome to ScubaBoard. What you are experiencing in this thread is typical ScubaBoard. Good luck.
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