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  1. notrab

    Wanted: Tank(s) in the central NJ area

    I've got two Aluminum 80's and two steel 120's if you are interested. All are in hydro, VIP, and O2 cleaned. Thanks, Sean
  2. notrab

    HP100 Doubles, HP120, AL40

    contact me if the sale falls thru on the doubles. I'm in Delaware and could meet you somewhere in between. Thanks, Sean
  3. notrab

    Set of AL 80 Doubles - Northeast

    I've got two AL80's just back from VIP and they are O2 cleaned. They are not currently doubled up but I have the bands to do it. You would need a manifold. PM me if you are intersted. Thanks, Sean
  4. notrab

    Wednesday diving during the winter

    Count me in!
  5. notrab

    Dive A new Quarry!

    Ooooh Ooooh - I wanna go. I dive a alumiinum 60 and I own a 3mm shorty. All of my certs I earned in the Carribean. Let me know
  6. notrab

    Trip report- Mohawk NJ

    This Hannahevan guy... he's a loonie
  7. notrab

    Required Safety Stop a decompression stop?

    On the PADI RDP tables even though the max bottom times specify no deco limit they also indicate that a 3 min safety stop is required. Just curoius more than anything why they don't call it a deco stop if they consider it required. In fact, on the RDP, any dive over 100' calls for a required 3...
  8. notrab

    Required Safety Stop a decompression stop?

    Hi All, Forgive me if this has already been covered. When the RDP lists a required safety stop is this essentially a decompression stop? Thanks, Sean
  9. notrab

    Getting Ready For Summer Diving!!!!!

    Hey All, I'm fairly new to the diving world. I've mostly been a Carribean diver till last year when I did some diving in the Outer Banks North Carolina. I'm PADI Certified AOW. Currently studying for Nitrox and Rescue Diver which I hope to complete in May. Being from Delaware I was...
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