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  1. lucca brassi

    wet gloves & dry gloves

    Which wet and dry gloves do you recommend for a good feel at your fingertips. I’m not frosty and I don’t do long dives, but I have a damaged (partially amputated) left thumb and it prevents me from handling carbines on my chest D rings. I am especially bothered by the spongy neoprene gloves...
  2. lucca brassi

    OMS scissors

    These looks IMO very good ! Any body uses them ? OMS SK2 2-in-1 Scissor & Knife Combo - Rounded Tip
  3. lucca brassi

    Want to Buy HID test tube head in Europe

    Looking for classic HID test tube head for research purposes on LED upgrade - don't need HID bulb - don't need ballast/ignitier - don't need cable - don't need test tube only enclosure : - need goodman handle with reflector in very good condition - need (ballast /ignitier delrin )...
  4. lucca brassi

    New budget THOR

    Have anyone ? ; -) new Tyra , Tyra pro head THOR offshore engineering
  5. lucca brassi

    Scubapro ALADIN TEC2G ..... battery cover problem....

    Have problems with this acryl cover , because with switching battery normally brakes three holding notches. Maybe someone know some version from more tough material like delrin ?
  6. lucca brassi


    Nice lights ATorch like : tight beam , decent battery 26650 @4Ah , nice solution for charging connector under back cap switching : magnet slide switch any experiences with them ?
  7. lucca brassi

    something interesting maybe ????

    Have someone to say really interesting about dive lights , instead tamping tons of stupid threads about 10$ eBay lights that don't work , have massively inflated specifications that you of course don't understand but still you write 100 posts without thinking what you have written ?....... More...
  8. lucca brassi

    Are DPV noisy ?

    I like to ask community in DPV which run different types of scooters : Do you feel that are DPV noisy ? I'm asking that because of choice between : - planet geared propeller with brushless motor ...and choice ... - of belt driven propeller with brushless motor
  9. lucca brassi

    Pneumatic speargun in Adriatic Sea ?

    Searching on advice on my first speargun ( i like to hunt mostly in summer time ) in Adriatic Sea Rocks bottom , depth to 8 m - mostly coast . I like much more pneumatic spearguns because of simplicity and is cheaper maintenance also ( but gun must be newer design with '' vaccum kit ''...
  10. lucca brassi

    Thor Light

    Not very new but i like expose it because of good construction ideas ... price it is something different :confused:. Thor Engineering THOR offshore engineering
  11. lucca brassi

    Computer Compass Accuracy

    How it is with yours compasses on diving computer , how accuracy are ? Six iPhones tested, and they can't agree on magnetic north IMO : computer should not use hall sensor for magnetic field but gyroscope ( i don't know what they really use )
  12. lucca brassi

    wet suit & steel doubles who dive with that kit

    I like just to ask if anyone dive with that combination ? 5+5 mm wet-suit + alu backplate + (2kg+2kg ) dropweights + canister light 2kg in water + (doubles (flat eurocylinders -1,5 kg empty)) .....@ 100 bar I become neutral buoyant (without weights ) it is really dry suit...
  13. lucca brassi

    good knife - CRKT Bear Claw - blunt tip

    searching for good knife , take look Bear Claw Fixed Blade Knives (Blunt Tip Serrated Edge) | CRKT
  14. lucca brassi

    BARE new drysuit

    Hi! I'm searching for more data on new BARE drysuit with double front zip ( Tzip + plastic zip ( instead velcro flap )) , ripstop 3 laminat and it is very light ( very , very similar to SANTI eMotion) , similar side pocket , still with exhaust valve on wrong place on left arm. ) have see and...
  15. lucca brassi

    fast tie-off

    I'm not a cave diver but it looks interesting The NEW LoopAlien UFA - Ultra Fast Attachment by David ? Kickstarter
  16. lucca brassi

    DIR Set V 2 ICE

    Anyone know these regs ? Sort of some angled design DIR Set V 2 ICE | Katalog Tecline it looks in general that 1'st stages looks like apeks and that for doubles looks likes to follow TEK3 line
  17. lucca brassi

    APEKS TEK 1 stages question

    Hi ! I have a question about APEKS TEK 1'st stages ...... Does anyone uses adapters like these 90° , not turnable for routing backup hose from left reg . and inflator hose from right reg. Are orientated screwed in 1'st stages at...
  18. lucca brassi

    DIY HOUSING for VIDEO,...ets for sale

    From old days : I have a plan to made housing for video camera which have LANC control ( SONY , Panasonic ) . I want something like Halcyon Apollo video Kit During this time I have bought camera with original housing and project stops . At that time I clean my workshop and I like that...
  19. lucca brassi

    DIY backplate long design

    Continuing from threads :
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