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  1. Crazy Fingers

    Help with Oceanic Battery Replacement!

    Nevermind. It was just suctioned on pretty strongly.
  2. Crazy Fingers

    Help with Oceanic Battery Replacement!

    I have an Oceanic Veo 180NX. I have gotten the retaining ring out. (By the way, the plastic this stuff is made out of is crap. I broke off the tab using the screwdriver method described in the manual. Some things were just meant to be made out of stainless steel.) I am now faced with a...
  3. Crazy Fingers

    Diver deceased at Manatee Springs, 2/19?

    You know, it's funny how on one thread people will tell an OW diver to enjoy the cenotes; they're great fun and wonderful dives. Then on another thread they're told that they're going to die if they get in one.
  4. Crazy Fingers

    Gagging on Saltwater

    I have a bad problem with gagging when saltwater gets into my mouth. It seems like the more hydrated I am, the easier it is to deal with it. So I've started drinking water heavily a couple days before I know I'm going to go diving, and find the reflex reduced quite a bit. Starbursts in...
  5. Crazy Fingers

    Florida's Ten Worst Dive Sites

    Jules Undersea Lodge. It costs $35+ to dive in a 5 - 15 foot viz cesspool with no life. Yuck.
  6. Crazy Fingers

    What are Florida's Top 10 Dive Sites???

    Oops, wrong thread.
  7. Crazy Fingers

    Shore dives Upper Keys?

    It's not the upper keys, but can you dive the old sub pens on Boca Chica? 24 35' 26" N, 81 42' 34" W And what about the numerous bridges at slack tide?
  8. Crazy Fingers

    Florida's Ten Worst Dive Sites

    Walter, have you dove there since the hurricanes a few years back? There was very little left when I was there. Some people said the hurricanes destroyed it.
  9. Crazy Fingers

    Florida's Ten Worst Dive Sites

    Well, if you take the notion to go back to it, the water is actually very clear again thanks to amazing amounts of hydrilla. There's lots of places where walls of hydrilla drop off into areas just deep enough where it can't grow (seems to be about 20'+). Might be cool, but dangerous. There's...
  10. Crazy Fingers

    Florida's Ten Worst Dive Sites

    You actually dove lake underhill? :11: You are a brave man. I can't stand to even go bass fishing there because of all the jet skis and tubers. I am amazed you lasted 5 minutes without getting killed.
  11. Crazy Fingers

    Calling All Wabasso Beach Divers!!!

    What a stupid rule. Like scuba divers are dangerous to anybody! I say to hell with them, just go in the water anyways. Let the life guards complain. Let them call the sheriff. The sheriff ain't gonna wait around for an hour and a half until you get back. Sorry, you all may not agree...
  12. Crazy Fingers

    Florida's Ten Worst Dive Sites

    The Wreck of the Regina (Sugar Barge) in Bradenton Beach. Totally lame. Just a rusty hunk of metal the size of a VW.
  13. Crazy Fingers

    Best campsite in Key Largo?

    Unfortunately Pennekamp is booked up. Of the private sites, which would you recommend?
  14. Crazy Fingers

    Best campsite in Key Largo?

    Which campground in Key Largo is best? We are going to be in tents and just want a quiet place that isn't too crowded. Thanks.
  15. Crazy Fingers

    Cleaning Your Gear

    That's crazy... I would hate to see your water and sewer bill if you went diving as often as I do. I don't rinse at all if I dive in the springs, and if I dive in saltwater I'll usually put the BC and wetsuit in warmish water for half an hour. The 1st stage gets its dustcap on and a light...
  16. Crazy Fingers

    Protect Florida Springs License Plate (proposed, needs support)

    Who cares how many there are? It's not like it's costing anyone anything unless they buy it. Let some good causes raise some money.
  17. Crazy Fingers

    Coral Thief

    And what's going to happen to the Germans who came over here and broke our laws? If they are in the business of selling coral, I guarantee they knew it was illegal to collect them from the marine sanctuary. I say make them testify against the U.S. citizen in exchange for no jail time, just...
  18. Crazy Fingers

    Crescent Beach Spring

    Anyone ever dove it?
  19. Crazy Fingers

    Whale shark off Palm Beach

    What a dream. Diving with a whale shark, admiring its beauty, then shooting one of the 70 pound cobes following it. Ahhh...
  20. Crazy Fingers

    Whats the cheapest part of Florida to dive in?

    We got a hotel on Ocean Blvd in Pompano Beach for like $73 a night last Labor Day Weekend. It wasn't the greatest hotel ever, but it certainly did its job. I don't remember the name of it, but it was like 3 stories tall and pink. Of course, we had a wonderful view of the air conditioners and...
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