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  1. Doc

    Weather Snapshots, November (2021>)

    Weather and data imagery for NOVEMBER, starting here in 2021 please ad weather related pix annotated with date & location for this month (note: I will have always photoshopped the Guanaja pic as it’s is way-off in terms of reality color) The TIDE chart- use this as a reference to the two Coco...
  2. Doc

    Mr. Bud, Roatan placed wreck, something new

    This is new to me and all my RTB buds, a new single plastic dive map widget: It used to look like this….
  3. Doc

    Web Cam Art, random acts of nature

  4. Doc

    Hunting Hitler’s U-Boat, History Channel S2E2

    They did not find it. Yet
  5. Doc

    Amazing weather predictions

    The new technology is quite often amazing. Here we see two weather maps, today’s and the predictions from 5 days previous. It doesn’t work 100%, but then again, what does? As recently as 1998 when Hurricane Mitch bashed the Bay Islands, Mexico and Florida, we had no idea what was happening nor...
  6. Doc

    Web Cams, Islas de la Bahia

    How’s the weather? It’s always windy on that side. It rains every morning. Why not have a real time look? From CoCoView South side looking South Web Cams | CoCo View Resort You can see Or also to the WNW… Below, This is the WEST END cam… Live Cam West End Beach - Roatán And, there...
  7. Doc

    Liveaboards vs Land Based, marketing & digressions

    From another current thread in this forum, asking about liveaboard diving distinctions between Belize and Roatan, I expand on this, because I think it requires larger, wider view. It’s an ongoing and never ending question. I’ve been doing dive travel both ways since 1968, so if you’re clever...
  8. Doc

    DC3 Aircraft wreck dive, Coco View in Roatan, 3D imaged

    The latest 3D modeling of “the Wrecks of Roatan” is of the placed SAHSA DC3 Aircraft out in front of Coco View Resort. The structure of wrecks attract various creatures. Too many people visit these wrecks, only to see what remains of the ship. There is so much more. Slow down, get close...
  9. Doc

    Christmas in paradise

    We’ve been down quite a few’s a bit different. Pro Tip: the Santa suit smells...funny...yeah, that’s it...funny. ^ u/w image stolen with no compunction whatsoever from Bruce Dickson
  10. Doc

    CCV’s Mr Bud wreck modeled in 3D

    A shrimp boat placed by Bill Evans from CocoView my crappy pix... Now, have a look at this 3D Model.... ->
  11. Doc

    9/1/20 Nana

    Is it still 2020?
  12. Doc

    Getting “economic stimulus relief” to our friends in Roatan

    Please post here any real-deal methods to get money directly into the hands of our “extended families” in Roatan. Beyond the already known and quite worthy but generic things like RMP, or “book your next trip now” you know of any “front line”, get-it-to-the people type funding set...
  13. Doc

    The firstest thing I ever did see on Roatan

    What’s the first picture, what did you see? And When? December 1984, New Year’s into 1985 a SAHSA DC3 at RTB. (that hill seems to be gone)
  14. Doc

    Bay Islands, new C19 Restrictions announced on 3/16

    From an Official pronouncement of governing bodies of Roatán: .....As of Monday, March 16 at 5:59 PM, people will not be allowed to enter the Municipality by air, sea or any others type of transport coming from the national territory or from abroad. (for a 7 day period, subject to change)...
  15. Doc

    Our World Underwater OWU 2020 is CANCELLED

    Our World Underwater OWU 2020 is CANCELLED This is way more than us losing a weekend of fun, fellowship, sparkly objects, bad hotdogs, education, cheap plastic crap (CPC) from displayers, and the chance to see Pat Hammer, Karina and a host of other still-stinky SCUBA gods. I met NetDoc, Howard...
  16. Doc

    Our World Underwater OWU Chicago 2020 CANCELLED

    Bad news, way beyond not having 2.5 days of “dry diving fun”. The industry is undeniably in a bad place.
  17. Doc

    Nora from Coco View (and RTB)

    Lovely and caring lady that she was, she has now left us. Hard to imagine that she could be in a happier place, but surely one of less pain. She made everyone’s arrival process so much more humane. What a kind and gentle soul, we will all miss her.
  18. Doc

    Seahorses, Pipefish and Mantas... oh my!

    Last week at Coco View, 4/13-20, the two of us did 27 dives each, my wife did 21, her sister did 0. All had a great week. The mid April, Full Moon week brought pleasant weather and conditions. With CCV located South side mid-island, we only caught a one hour long whiff of the month-long burning...
  19. Doc

    Coming to CCV? Post it here... we can meet F2F

    My little group of "single digit C-Card holders" will be at CCV April 13-20, 2019. Anyone else? Post your upcoming dates on this thread, we can start a trend? CCV has a large nexus with SB regulars.
  20. Doc

    Blue Hole Belize, Cousteau Redux- they did find something

    Found this 04-02-19 amid the clickbait newsdfeeds, Newsweek...seems like it's new info here on SB, not really an accident, not really Belize, so: “There were...these odd tracks, crisscrossing circles right around the center of the hole with no indication of what had made them,” she said...
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