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    What speargun is right for me?

    I'm looking forward to this trip report! I'm guessing it will make the 5 o'clock news..

    Best dive operation in Panama City Beach

    I have dived with every dive shop currently operating in PCB at least twice now and the only one I can recommend to anyone looking to spearfish is Panama City Dive Charters. The others are okay for "touristy" dives but that's about all I'm going to say.. PC Dive Charters has the best crew, hands...

    Charters Saturday March 17?

    We're heading to PCB to go out with PC Dive Charters and the Dive Locker (one friday/one saturday).. We have a the boats reserved but could probably take one or two more if you want to get off shore. PM me if interested.

    I need a dive buddy.....

    I am going to PCB with about 7 other divers a week from today. PM me if you're interested.

    Luxfer 19 cf Pony Bottle with Quick Draw Bracket

    Can you please post a larger picture? I can barely see the picture you have posted.

    Arkansas diving

    Lake Ouachita is good DeGray Lake is very clear Lake Hamilton holds a lot of Algea throughout the year, from what I've seen Heber Springs / Greers Ferry is hit or miss, depending on the Algea blooms for the year; it hasn't been very clear the past few years because of a tornado according to...

    What's your best dive ever ?

    BEST?? I don't know if there was a best, but three come to mind: - Diving Kealakekua Bay in Hawaii (The Big), 120' vis, two manta rays, an eagle ray, a giant blue trevally and a white tip reef shark all in one dive. - Spearfishing in Destin, dive was cut short by two large Bulls (8-10') and...

    New to spearfishing

    You would do well to check out the Hawaii Regional forum as well as I've been to Hawaii (the Big island) as well as Oahu several times and loved spearing there. I don't know if it is true on all islands but there is something to the effect of: It is illegal to spear on any north...

    Spearing in PCB

    I'll be in PCB from 7/22-7/26 and would like to do some spearing at least twice. Prefer going out with locals who can put us on fish and willing to split gas since my wife will be spending all our money shopping. I will probably have a friend with me if that's ok but he is rod/reel only. Both...

    Spearing on 4/30

    Hey everyone, My brother and another buddy are diving the Oriskany on the 29th and would like to go out Saturday (Apr 30) to shoot some fish. Unfortunately, the (private) boat owner we're going with Friday is leaving out of town that afternoon. We're just looking to split (or cover) the...

    Anyone in the Panhandle going out Apr 30?

    My brother and another buddy are diving the Oriskany on the 29th and would like to go out Saturday (Apr 30) to shoot some fish. Unfortunately, the (private) boat owner we're going with Friday is leaving out of town that afternoon. We're just looking to split (or cover) the cost of gas (and...

    Collecting for my personal aquarium

    All the input is much appreciated and I've taken notes, but I guess I didn't explain well enough; this is not intended to be an aquarium with the beautiful coral heads like you would find in a restaurant. Unfortunately, I live nine hours from my beloved gulf and don't get to dive there as...

    zeagle zena womens small

    Old post, I know, but is this still for sale?

    Aqua Lung Black Diamond - Medium (+ Air Source)

    Question.. (1) The model is "Black Diamond", but the diamond on the shoulder strap is NOT black. What's up with that? (2) Are you willing to sell the BC alone, and do you have the original LP inflator? Thanks! John

    Collecting for my personal aquarium

    Thank you both! Any tips you could provide would be greatly appreciated! Glen, I knew I remembered seeing you post several times about collecting, but couldn't find the specific post. Paul, thank you for the link! I'm working with a 150 gal. tank and starting from scratch (but not new...

    vacation rentals

    Hey everyone, My wife and I are trying to plan a vacation in late July (22-27) to WPB, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or the northern keys. We are not very picky where, just as long as it is on the beach. If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in renting out their beachfront (or across the...

    Collecting for my personal aquarium

    Hello everyone! Can anyone give me any guidance or direction on how I could find out more about collecting from the ocean for my own, personal aquarium? Is it legal? Are any fish/coral species prohibited? Is there a season? Would it require anything more than a fishing license? If it...

    spearfishing large fish

    I try to draw the line at anything bigger than an Orca.. or a large Narwhal. Anything up to either of those, you should be OK.

    powerhead "best practices"

    Although I own one, I've never had to use it and frequently forget it. However, when I carry mine, it is attached to my BC D-ring with monofilament fishing line that I can break in case I need it. However, I don't use the traditional powerhead like. Instead, I use a PPD, sold by Ray Odor in...
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