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  1. Mako Mark

    Expelled PADI instructor?

    The five rules of how not to get expelled. Rule number one: No fornication until certification. Rule number two: Don't kill anyone. Rule number three: Follow standards. Rule number four: Make sure you have a paper trail that proves you follow standards. Rule number five: Don't do illegal stuff.
  2. Mako Mark

    Narcosis & Altitude

    Thank you Roaky, I apologize for falling asleep halfway through your post. Dave, I am assuming that you have a fundamental understanding of mathematics and you understand that altitude skews the bell shaped curves for nitrogen/inert gas loading, gas toxicity and narcosis to the left. This...
  3. Mako Mark

    Is certification necessary??

    Tell me, how many people have walked on the moon and who was the last one? ---------- Post added November 27th, 2015 at 01:40 PM ---------- Tell me, how many people have walked on the moon and who was the last one? Oh, and who certified Jacques-Yves Cousteau???
  4. Mako Mark

    One benefit to diving

    The Valhalla maneuver? Really?
  5. Mako Mark

    Article: Is the Dive Watch Dead?

    Nice. I have the same watch. I basically haven't taken it off for nearly two decades. It is the James bond watch but cooler because it is Titanium and black not stainless steel and blue. Have I taken it 100 meters deep in a cave, yes Have i taken it a mile back in a cave, yes Have i worn it on...
  6. Mako Mark

    A cave diving accident in Tulum yesterday

    About time to give this a bump. Do your risk management people. ---------- Post added November 26th, 2015 at 05:15 AM ---------- Good point about the following weeks trip report Ayisha. I did post it. It was regarding the cenote de las calaveras. the well of the skulls. 117 human skulls...
  7. Mako Mark

    A deceptively easy way to die

    Pretty sure that all divers should see this video.
  8. Mako Mark

    Exposure to altitude

    OK, Let me clarify. A situation has arisen in New Zealand where a government department appears to be overstepping its mandate with regards to regulating the New Zealand Dive industry. Buried in the standards there is a recommendation that "In the absence of an established procedure, dive...
  9. Mako Mark

    Sea Lion Colony - La Paz, Mexico

    Yay, sea puppies want to play. great vid.
  10. Mako Mark

    Cenote Diving and Safety
  11. Mako Mark

    Exposure to altitude

    DCIEM tables? AASAS: 2013? 2299?? WorkSafe confusion? let her rip guys. I want to hear the good the bad and the ugly. it is possible that I might be able to help out a little. Mako.
  12. Mako Mark

    Lotte Hass, "First Lady of Diving," passes

    Sharkproject indeed. A girl after my own heart.
  13. Mako Mark

    One Year in Bali

    Lots of great info here. . i am a 25 year veteran scuba professional who has dived, lived and worked pretty much all over the world. My year on Bali confirmed it as one of the most beautiful places to live and dive in the world. The food is awesome too. Base yourself there for shorter...
  14. Mako Mark

    A cave diving accident in Tulum yesterday

    talking to a friend about risk management I thought if this story. Thought it was worth a ping.
  15. Mako Mark

    New Zealand: One student dead, one missing at Lake Pupuke

    Lake Pupuke is 10 minutes from where I presently live. I have spent many hours both on and underneath it's waters. On Tuesday I went down to the jetty just to get a feel of the place again. I stumbled upon a group of 250 people who were friends and family having a ceremony. Eventually as I was...
  16. Mako Mark

    Are you a vegetarian?

    Im not a vegetarian because I love animals, I am a vegetarian because I hate plants..
  17. Mako Mark

    Considering Back Inflate

    once you go back, you will never go........ er, never mind, you know what I mean..
  18. Mako Mark

    Panic in OW - advice needed

    Hi Jamba, great to hear that things are improving, there have been many good suggestions here, but I have a quick one to add: If you are feeling the onset of a panicky feeling coming on, look down and hold your nose until you breathing rate subsides. Many people have a sensitive "snort...
  19. Mako Mark

    Rescue diver, theory vs practice

    Nice post Ro, Rescue theory is just that, theory. No amount of theorizing can prepare you for the real thing. All you can do is the best you can at the time with the resources you have available. Then analyse the hell out of it afterwards to see what you could have done if you had the...
  20. Mako Mark

    For better and worse....

    Hey, Wildcard Did you know that the most common cause of divorce is marrage........ and revenge sex is the best!!!!
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