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  1. Oklahoma Diver

    Can you recommend a good scuba bag with wheels?

    I agree that the XS Scuba mess bag is the way to go. I purchased several for my friends as gifts and one for myself, they are great, I promise you will not regret owning one (or maybe two)
  2. Oklahoma Diver

    DC600 issues

    My suggestion is call sea life at 1-856-866-9191 ext 136 and taalk with Karl in service support you will never speak with a nicer guy guaranteed...he is the sea life camera goro...good luck
  3. Oklahoma Diver

    DC1200 avalibility?

    the DC 1200 is available now 499.00 with underwater housing, less wide angle will enjoy the piano keys so much beeter than the DC1000....try it out
  4. Oklahoma Diver


    Well I didn't know that I had created a thread. By the way what is a thread.
  5. Oklahoma Diver


    :D Howdy everyone.....its good to be apart of this great forum...keep up the good work
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