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  1. highlandfarmwv

    Z lens

    does anyone here use a Nikon Z 7 with a Z mount lens underwater?
  2. highlandfarmwv

    Fin suggestion after injury

    Hi, I had a recent Achilles tendon rupture with surgical repair. I have 800 dives in the past 8 years, all ocean. I have always preferred a Blade-type lightweight paddle fin. Any recommendation for my first fins when I can get back in water. Looking for lightweight, narrow, open heel. Thanks...
  3. highlandfarmwv

    travel computer

    1.any recommendations for a travel computer that still allows photo editing. 2. Macs or PCs for final editing? 3. What about the new touch screen pro? Thank you!
  4. highlandfarmwv

    Fluorescent dive light

    Any one know where to buy the UV light and mask cover to do the fluorescent night diving? Thanks
  5. highlandfarmwv

    "Fluorescent dive" light

    Anyone know where to buy the UV light and mask cover to do the fluorescent dives? Thanks
  6. highlandfarmwv

    new fisheye lens

    Anyone tried the new fisheye lens? How is sharpness. Why does focus have to be on macro all the time. Thanks !
  7. highlandfarmwv

    Shore diving in Barbados

    Does anyone know of a dive shop that will rent tanks and weights for independent shore diving? I have tried all I can find so far and no one does. What are some good sites? Thank you very much.
  8. highlandfarmwv

    Wierd symbols on my Cobra 3

    Suddenly my Cobra 3 started having strange symbols instead of colons, etc. For instance, the clock has an infinity sign on its side between the hour and minute numbers. It also comes on to Nitrox setting when turned on instead of the main menu. It seems to do the algorithms like normal (so...
  9. highlandfarmwv

    shutter button sticks

    Have had a problem with the shutter button on my DC1000 not coming back up at depth. Does anyone have any suggestion about what I can do to prevent this. Once I get back out of the water, it had always come back up. I have lost many on potential shots due to this recurring problem.
  10. highlandfarmwv

    Seadive masks

    Does anyone know where Seadive masks can be found? I had the4 most comfortable mask I ever had, and I lost it (left it behind at dive site). Can't find anyone who sells them now.
  11. highlandfarmwv

    DC 1000 or 1200

    OK, now that I have decided to get new SeaLife, my next question for any of you that may know is: Is there significant difference in DC1000 and DC1200 other than the configuration of the buttons? ie I noticed that DC1200's focus says close as 4" and DC1000 sqays close as 2". However I never...
  12. highlandfarmwv

    focus light?

    I have noticed that the DC500 has a red focus light that is very useful at night when you take the flashlight off the subject. DC1000 does not have one and I find that I lose my place with the camera if I take the flashlight off (don't want to leave flashlight on as it may light up part of the...
  13. highlandfarmwv

    need sympathy

    I just had to share my bad furtune with you: As previously mentioned, I lost a DC1000 in Aruba last summer (it floated away). So I bought a new DC1000 and took it to Bonaire last month, after 1 1/2 weeks I drowned it. My friend who lives in Key Largo was coming down and was able to buy...
  14. highlandfarmwv

    Having trouble getting used to DC 1000

    1. For some reason, I can't seem to focus my pictures as well underwater as I did with the old DC 500 that I have. Is there less depth of field in the DC 1000? 2. And can't get the strobe to fire underwater with either, though it fires ok out of the water. Anyone have any suggestions as...
  15. highlandfarmwv

    amazing dives at Hatteras

    Last weekend (Oct 3-4) the diving was amazing at Hatteras. Went with Outer Banks Diving on Flying Fish. Saturday went to Dixie Arrow to watch the sand tigers. They were plentiful. Lots of rays and eve a turtle paraded through the wreck for us to see. Blue Water was 81 degrees top to...
  16. highlandfarmwv

    Outer Banks Diving Report Hatteras, NC

    Made a short trip to Hatteras to dive one day, Sunday, Sept 20. Seas were messy so the boat went to the Abrams, not as far offshore as usual. However, the visibility was quite good, and I enjoyed every minute of the dives. Schools of jacks, Atlantic spaedefish and even a large school of...
  17. highlandfarmwv

    anyone have a Cobra 3 ?

    I have a Cobra and have gotten very used to it and like it, but I need a 2-gas computer and was considering the Cobra 3. When it says that the conservativeness algorhythm may be changed, is this something that the consumer can do or who does make the change?
  18. highlandfarmwv

    Hatteras, NC last weekend

    Got to spend one day diving at Hatteras with Outer Banks Diving. Was a really nice day. Went on The Abrams where vis was good, water temp 81 and fish galore. I didn't see sharks, but others saw 2. Staff very helpful. Got some decent pix. Hoping to go back the weekend of Oct 3-4. Yay!
  19. highlandfarmwv

    fall diving at Catalina

    How late in the fall is the diving good (kelp still long) and doable with a wetsuit?
  20. highlandfarmwv

    help help please

    I'm the one that lost her camera, well I bit the bullet and bought another DC 1000. Problem is the videos won't play on my computer. I use Vista Home Premium. They play on my daughter's Vista prof. The DC 500 videos were fine. These files say, " AVI" under the file icon. I...
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