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  1. nippurmagnum

    Has anyone taken an Apple Watch to depth?

    Apple says my Apple Watch SE is water resistant to 50 meters. It also says the watch can survive being in sea water. But Apple says the watch should not be used for diving. So either Apple is wrong about the claim of 50 meter water resistance, or it’s wrong about the claim that it should not...
  2. nippurmagnum

    Looking at Maldives liveaboard January 2022 — any recommendations on boats/routes?

    I’m tempted to give the Maldives a try in January, given that there are cheap flights from the US, and very reasonable offers on liveaboards (like the Carpe Diem for $1,600). Any recommendations on boats/routes? I like big stuff, particularly hammerhead sharks, mantas, and whale sharks, as...
  3. nippurmagnum

    Any Indonesian food in Bonaire?

    Going back to Bonaire mid July, and am devastated that apparently Salatiga has been converted to a bar and no longer serves Indonesian rijstaffel. Anybody know if there is still Indonesian food available in Bonaire?
  4. nippurmagnum

    Trip Report Southern route Red Sea (St. John) on JP Marine June 2021

    Just wanted to share a quick review of my week on the JP Marine, diving the southern route from Marsa Alam to St. John. I found very little info on the boat before my trip, so maybe this helps out somebody contemplating diving this boat. unfortunately heavily censors reviews on...
  5. nippurmagnum

    Is proof of COVID health insurance required for entry to Egypt?

    Anybody know if Egypt immigration officials check for travelers’ health insurance for COVID coverage at the Cairo airport upon arrival? I’ve seen references to such a requirement on the US embassy’s website, but it seems unlikely that they’d be checking the fine print of insurance policies...
  6. nippurmagnum

    Has anyone gotten a rapid COVID test in Egypt for a return flight to the US?

    I am hoping to do my long-postponed dive trip to Egypt in May. I know that the US now requires a COVID test prior to the return flight, and accepts a rapid/quicker/cheaper antigen test, as well as the more expensive and longer-to-get-results PCR test. I hear that antigen tests are available at...
  7. nippurmagnum

    Why can my eye pick up more color than a camera sensor at depth?

    I just got back from Los Cabos, where I saw an awesome school of hammerheads at about 140 feet, which left an indelible impression. When I saw my video, the sharks looked far bluer than what my naked eye had perceived. I understand that water absorbs much of the light spectrum and mainly blue...
  8. nippurmagnum

    What’s the difference between the Apeks RK3 and the Aqualung Rocket fins (other than price)?

    The fins look basically identical, and Aqualung owns Apeks. But the Aqualung fins cost a quarter to a half less. Anybody know why?
  9. nippurmagnum

    Trip Report Trip report — Los Cabos, Gordo Banks, Cabo Pulmo, La Paz (December 2020)

    Just came back from my first land-based trip to Baja, and had some spectacular dives: a school of 150+ hammerheads at Gordo Banks, massive bull sharks at Cabo Pulmo, sea lions at La Paz and Cabo San Lucas, and mobula rays at the Cabo corridor — as well as an entire dive spent hearing very loud...
  10. nippurmagnum

    Galapagos in December 2020?

    I am considering doing a trip to the Galapagos (my first) on the Galapagos Master liveaboard in mid-December. I am not particularly concerned about COVID from a health point of view (for myself), but I have doubts about the potential for travel disruptions due to airline/liveaboard...
  11. nippurmagnum

    Is anyone planning to go on a Red Sea liveaboard in the Aug-Oct 2020 timeframe

    I had planned to make a return dive trip to the Red Sea this August, having thoroughly enjoyed my first trip last year. I probably won’t be able to do that for work reasons. But I’m wondering if anyone is planning to go now that Egypt is apparently allowing dive liveaboards to resume operations.
  12. nippurmagnum

    Road trip to FL to dive in May

    It looks like dive shops/boats are back in business in Florida starting May 1, and Airbnbs are accepting reservations as of that same date. Is anyone aware of travel restrictions imposed by FL, or any state between the DC metro area and FL, that would prevent a road trip to FL to dive? The...
  13. nippurmagnum

    PADI Scuba Diving Magazine Really Insults Its Readers' Intelligence

    Just received the PADI Scuba Diving Magazine's annual "Gear Guide" issue, and it's beyond shameless in its promotion of paid sponsors. Yes, I know, Scuba Diving magazine has long plugged its paid sponsors all over its pages, even before PADI took it over. But now it's just a joke, and an...
  14. nippurmagnum

    Is Coronavirus keeping you from booking liveaboard/overseas trips this year?

    I'm wondering whether you all are generally holding off on booking liveaboard trips this year, specifically out of concern that foreign travel and/or liveaboard reservations might be impacted by Coronavirus-related travel bans. Prior to the coronavirus eruption, I had my eye on several...
  15. nippurmagnum

    Seen at Salt Pier: Moray Eel Bites Large Filefish, Swallows It in One Piece

    Warning: viewer discretion is advised. I was in Bonaire the third week of January, and was doing a lovely night dive at Salt Pier. Towards the end of my dive, I realized that a moray eel that was actively hunting by my lights. The moray spotted a large filefish seemingly asleep right above a...
  16. nippurmagnum

    Bonaire -- Spare Tire Stolen From Truck at Something Special

    Friends, just got back from a delightful trip to Bonaire. I will post a detailed trip report later, but in the meantime, just wanted to share that while I was doing a night dive at Something Special, someone made off with the spare tire under my rental pickup truck. I had parked right at the...
  17. nippurmagnum

    Reasons for doing a Cali liveaboard (vs. just doing day trips)?

    I am asking this question because I am genuinely interested in the answer: what is the benefit to doing a livaboard in California, vs. just doing day trips? I am based in the East Coast but make it out to California about once a year. I have done some very nice dives in the Channel Islands...
  18. nippurmagnum

    Is the term "expedition" grossly overused?

    This has become a pet peeve of mine: I see liveaboards doing the same routes that they have been doing for years, week after week, to well known dive sites, calling themselves "expeditions." Anyone else find that an exaggerated use of that term? To me, an expedition is a voyage of discovery...
  19. nippurmagnum

    Trip Report Review of First (for me) Liveaboard in Egypt: Brothers/North Route

    I just returned from a fantastic first liveaboard trip to the Red Sea, and I thought it would be helpful to share my experiences as a U.S.-based diver making his first foray into diving in Egypt. I had some apprehensions about Egypt in terms of security, hassle, and health, and they turned out...
  20. nippurmagnum

    Trip Report (pt. 1 of 3) -- first time in a Red Sea Liveaboard (Brothers/North route)

    Trying to upload a lengthy review -- stay tuned.
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