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  1. WetPup

    Niue Trip Report

    In a word? Frustration. The humpbacks were there, but... Flights Flights to Niue operate twice a week from Auckland (departing Tuesday and Saturday mornings, arriving the day before on Monday and Friday afternoon respectively - they do an immediate turnaround to head back to NZ). Our flight...
  2. WetPup

    Hawkes Bay fatality, NZ

    Missing diver's body found at Hawke's Bay beach. Very little info at this point, just that he was separated from the rest of the group :(
  3. WetPup

    Diver fatality - Northland, NZ

    A diver has been found dead after getting into trouble near Moturoa Island in Northland.
  4. WetPup

    New wreck off Welly?

    I'm going to need GPS coordinates...And a boat :)
  5. WetPup

    Potential New Dive Sites

    Stumbled across this during my lunch break. Might make for some interesting new dive sites around the country if there's enough support :) Decommissioned rigs as potential future dive sites...
  6. WetPup

    Tonga humpbacks

    I'm planning to head to Tonga in 2018 to find me some humpbacks to photograph:clearmask: I know this means going in southern hemisphere winter more or less, but does anyone know whether it's better to go earlier or later? Can anyone who has been recommend a better month to go? I still have some...
  7. WetPup

    Poor Knights - Paihia diving

    I headed north for Christmas to do some diving at Poor Knights and Paihia. Couldn't coordinate a lob, so did a couple of day trips. Went with Dive Tutukaka for Poor Knights, and Paihia Dive for the Canterbury wreck. Poor Knights was ok. 20-25m viz, 18-19c water temps. Was comfy in a 7mm with...
  8. WetPup

    Any Wellington divers?

    So, I'm going to be relocating to Wellington for work next month, and I'm trying to suss out the local diving scene. Anyone in the area who can suggest a good local dive shop? As I'm moving to NZ from the tropics, I'm obviously also going to need to find more appropriate exposure protection...
  9. WetPup

    Lembeh (+Bangka) Trip Report

    Nearly 4 weeks away diving Anilao and Lembeh...I think I'm all macro'd out for a while. Usually when I go to Lembeh I stay at KBR, but this time I changed it up and went to Lembeh Resort to check it out. I flew in from Manila via Singapore, and the transfers to the resort went smoothly, which...
  10. WetPup

    Anilao Trip Report

    I returneth from nearly a month away diving in Anilao and Lembeh. Anilao was pretty epic, and I can see now why people rave about it so much. My first trip there at Christmas was hampered by the typhoon, but this return trip met my expectations and then some :bounce: As with my last trip there...
  11. WetPup

    Thermal tops

    I have an existing Lavacore thermal hooded vest, but useage means that it's worn a hole in the back of it from rubbing up against my wetsuit zipper over time. It's served me well, but needs replacing fairly soon. Thoughts on different brands? Easiest to purchase in Australia are: Lavacore...
  12. WetPup

    Cruise ship runs aground in Raja Ampat

    Link to FB post that contains the info (inc. photos)... Quoted at the end of this post for those who don't have FB (I know you exist...) It wasn't a "liveaboard" as we know it, but more one of those big cruise liners. Mass tourism in RA was never going to end well. Discuss :coffee:
  13. WetPup

    Diver attacked by shark in Torres Strait

    Source: ABC News Hopefully all works out ok. Unusual given the location - mostly just reef sharks in those waters. Stray tiger maybe?
  14. WetPup

    Anilao Trip Report

    So this is a post-Typhoon Nina trip report for my trip to Anilao. Typhoon Nina directly hit the Batangas area on December 25/26 – I arrived on December 27th (was supposed to arrive on the 26th) after having spent the previous 10 days in Malapascua (trip report for that here). Flights I flew on...
  15. WetPup

    Malapascua Trip Report

    I was in two minds about posting this, because I feel it's kind of a case of "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". But someone asked me to post it, so here it is. Feel free to argue with me. My experience at Malapascua was poor, and there's no avoiding that reality...
  16. WetPup

    Tougher Standards?

    So, in news that will come as no surprise to anyone at all, there are calls for tougher industry standards given that there have been 6 snorkelling and diving deaths in Australia in the last week alone. Calls for age restrictions, tougher medical standards, tougher training standards... Which...
  17. WetPup

    So, I bought a Ladyhawk...

    I needed to upgrade my bcd (need being a relative term here), and finally decided to get the ScubaPro Ladyhawk. I've now spent a couple of weeks diving on it, and I feel divided. It's more comfortable in the water than my previous "jacket style" bcd in general, and keeps me in better trim...
  18. WetPup

    I love Lembeh!

    I bought a new diopter for my camera. So I booked a trip to Lembeh for a week to test it out. Because why not, right? Flew in to Manado from Australia via Singapore on Singapore Airlines and SilkAir - 30kg baggage allowance. I'd considered staying at Lembeh Resort for a change of scenery, but...
  19. WetPup

    SS Yongala Master Thread

    The same questions seem to be constantly popping up, so I thought it might be worth writing a master post for it. You have two options for diving the Yongala wreck… 1. Get yourself to Alva Beach and dive with Yongala Dive The SS Yongala is located about an hour offshore from Alva Beach. Alva...
  20. WetPup

    GBR and Yongala Trip Report

    It was a long weekend here, and I was bored, so I jumped on a last minute LOB out of Townsville with Adrenalin Dive to hit the GBR and Yongala for 3 days. Their LOB the "Sea Esta" is pretty basic, but meets the needs of divers well enough. There's hot water showers, marine toilets, a decent...
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