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  1. Dean810

    Milwaukee Caissons

    I was on Jitka's boat when I visited it. She doesn't have any more information. Apparently, even Brendon Baillod doesn't have any information on it either, which means it is a mystery, since he know almost everything about this neck of the woods.
  2. Dean810

    Milwaukee Caissons

    Yes, but no one really knows what they are. We believe they were used to help construct water intakes, but it would have to have been moved to this area because the water here is too deep.
  3. Dean810

    Milwaukee Caissons

    Has anyone dove them?
  4. Dean810

    Wreck accessible from shore?

    Oh yes, I forgot about the George F. Williams, because I haven't dove that yet. Tried on New Years Day, but the water was too rough, we just dove the marina.
  5. Dean810

    Wreck accessible from shore?

    There are a lot of wrecks diveable from shore. I'm in the Chicago area. The only one here is the George W. Morley off of Evanston. An interesting steamer sank in 1897. But don't make a special trip just for that. There are plenty of other wrecks to see on the local charters.
  6. Dean810

    Diving from Chicago in early May

    Been a long time since I wrote on here! Some great advice. Double Action is a very well run charter. There is another further north in Winthrop Harbar, Go Deep (Go Deep, LLC. | The Midwest’s Premier Scuba Dive Charter Service for The Great Lakes) that is also very good. What ever the case...
  7. Dean810

    GLWC Spring Meet and Greet (Save the Date) - May 1-3, 2015

    I put it on my calendar. I will finally try to make this again after a long absence!
  8. Dean810

    In San Francisco area first week of June

    Thanks everybody for the pointers! I really appreciate it. I don't worry too much about viz, since I do dive the Great Lakes where the viz can range anytime between 6" to 100'! :-)
  9. Dean810

    In San Francisco area first week of June

    I'll be in San Francisco the first week of June and would like to do some diving. I was thinking Monterey or someplace similar. I have never dove in the area. Most of my dives, about 475, have been in the Great Lakes or in the quarries. I have dove Puget Sound. Any ideas? What are dive...
  10. Dean810

    Haigh Quarry this weekend...

    Thanks Dan, Reuben and Neil for some great dives today!
  11. Dean810

    Haigh Quarry this weekend...

    Ok, I'll be there between 8-8:30
  12. Dean810

    Temperatures at Haigh Quarry

    I just noticed this Chris. As usual, you have outdone yourself. I'm planning to go to Haigh this Saturday, November 2nd. I am wondering if anyone else is interested?
  13. Dean810

    Haigh Quarry this weekend...

    I'm itching to dive this Saturday at Haigh, November 2nd. Anybody else interested?
  14. Dean810

    Haigh April 27 or 28

    I'd like to dive there this weekend to see if my drysuit got fixed. Who will be there?
  15. Dean810

    Anyone been to the Ghost Ship Festival in Milwaukee?

    Ghost Ships is March 15-16. The 15th is a Friday, and they have an evening program. Like OWU, there is an exhibit floor and seminars. The exhibit hall is free, and the seminars are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Still a pretty good deal. It is more local in nature, and I always enjoy...
  16. Dean810

    Crater Lake Closes To Scuba

    The local quarries here in Illinois have been invaded by zebra mussels for years now. No boats here either. Zebra mussels were brought in by divers that dived the Great Lakes. There are plenty of places for the little buggers to hide in dive gear, and no, not all dive gear is cleaned in hot...
  17. Dean810

    Haigh Quarry March 18?

    The quarry will be open and I will be there. Anyone else??
  18. Dean810

    2012 Our World Underwater

    You are right about Duane. He is the "gas" man and also the "p" valve expert... I'll be at the Illinois Council of Skin and Scuba Divers booth.
  19. Dean810

    Coast Guard rescues 13 in Lake Michigan Saturday - anyone here on that boat?

    It was a group from my dive club. Much of the gear was recovered. It was not a good decision to be on the water in that boat in those conditions. But everyone is ok.
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