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  1. Tigerman

    Holy carp that's one old shark...

    I came across something interesting in the news today (for a change), so I did a quick google for the english version and I did indeed find what I was looking for... 400-year-old Greenland shark is the oldest vertebrate animal
  2. Tigerman

    Giannis D june 16th 2014

    This might be an odd post, but I'm looking for someone with a big camera setup who was diving the Giannis D on june 16th this year. I had an issue with my own DSLR setup, so it was left on the boat so I was diving only with my GoPro mounted to my light and as we came into the engine room there...
  3. Tigerman

    I think my temporary ban never got lifted...

    Last sumer (august 2013) a member of the moderator team banned med from the middle east/red sea forum for two weeks and I think that ban is still in effect, due to the fact that the moderator in question is no longer with us. I think a bit more than 2 weeks has passed... For the record, I will...
  4. Tigerman

    Thank you for fabolous service Ikelite!

    I have been e-mailing some back and forth with Duane with regards to some issues I have had with 6-inch dome ports and got a fantastic mail from him on wednesday. Thank you VERY much for fantastic service :D The details can be found here
  5. Tigerman

    Bali Dive ops / Liveaboards in june? Prices, who to look at?

    Googling such things and searching forums turn up a lot more noise and bad websites than whats fun (and that does NOT only go for Bali), so I ask here where people tend to know things.. Im considering flying into Bali 2nd week of june, staying for about 2 weeks and mainly doing diving. What is...
  6. Tigerman

    HELP! My plane got cancelled, now where do I go for two weeks in june??

    So, my flight to the red sea got cancelled and I don't find much options in way of transport there for the two weeks I have available in june. Now I'm lost and confused and in need of re-planning where to go. I've been snooping around a little and it doesn't really help me much. So then the...
  7. Tigerman

    So if you got offered the job as the general manager of a new LDS...

    Say someone was offered the job as a general manager for a LDS thats opening before the next season starts and was told they needed to go do DM and IDC (paid for by the shop) and there was very time consuming (due to low volume of courses in the winter), limited and expensive options of doing so...
  8. Tigerman

    Maison de la Mer Naamaa Bay - anyone have their contact info?

    Im going to Sharm in a couple of weeks and know maison de la mer in naama bay carries the brand of computer I need to get hold of, but need to know if they have the particular model and at what price. Does anyone have a working e-mail address for them? If they dont have the specific model Im...
  9. Tigerman

    Aladin 2G size

    Just wondered if the Aladin 2g is the same size of as the old Aladin prime? My prime has started eating batteries, not shutting off properly after dives and the wi-fi has stopped, so Im considering getting an Aladin 2g to replace it with.. (Let it be said that my prime is getting old and well worn)
  10. Tigerman

    Original report of malware on the site

    When I open the UserCP I get stopped by chrome who says scubaboard is a known distributor of malware. The formum pages work fine though. Related to some add?
  11. Tigerman

    Goodbye G7..

    Im in the process of replacing my good old G7 with a newer DSLR setup (7D) and was thinking I should "close the book" so to speak on my collection of G7 UW shots. I have something like 3000 underwater pictures from the G7 and the "first glance" selection of them gave me 600andsome pictures to...
  12. Tigerman

    How big of a problem is this? (Cracking - possibly during transport)

    I just got a used Ikelite 7D housing with two ports sent to me by mail and when I opened the package I found the housing and canon 100mm macro flat port to be in the condition I expected - as good as new. However the tokina 12-24mm/canon 17-40mm dome port 5503.51 to have some cracking to it. It...
  13. Tigerman

    Considering a EOS 60D - Should I get it and with what lense as my "go-to" lens?

    Ok, so after about 4000 pictures Im starting to feel that Im getting what there is to get out of my belowed old CHDK powered G7 and Im considering getting an upgrade. And lets be honest, I kinda just WANT one too - new gadgets and all that :p Whats definitely not happening is me getting a 1100D...
  14. Tigerman

    Problem with Aladin Prime and IR

    I have an Uwatec Aladin Prime (my belowed black puck) that reasonably developed issues with the IR transfer of data to smarttrak. When I try to transfer my data to smarttrak it simply will not connect to the computer. I use a USB IR dongle that I have confirmed to work with my cellphone and I...
  15. Tigerman

    A weird shell and a marine mammal carcass (found on the shore)

    My mother was usually at Skagen (Denmark) and found a few of this weird shells; The carkey should give a sense of scale. The shell seem to be open in both ends. Ive never seen any of these shells before. She also found this carcass on the beach; Its pretty half-eaten, but the head reminds...
  16. Tigerman

    How security-minded are you when on the internet?

    I just thought this might be a good question to ask with the recent increase of malware code being injected to vbulletin boards and with the general risk while surfing the internet.. Personally, Im always on a limited access account with the user access controls active - Or similar for other...
  17. Tigerman

    Freshwater, Saltwater, Depth gagues/computers and diving

    First off, Ive been working all night (its 8am here in Norway at the moment) so my brains could be playing tricks on me at the moment. However; I was just thinking about how were randomly reminded that freshwater and saltwater has a different density, thus apply a different pressure on us...
  18. Tigerman

    Did south park have a FlashForward?

    I was just sitting down wathcing some of the old south park episodes at southparkstudios (US site South Park Studios) and came across an episode that aired april 28th 2004 called "Goobacks" (episode 806). Its gotten really "current" by now - In the sick south park kinda way :p South Park...
  19. Tigerman

    Blown o-ring at depth :o

    Im posting this in this section as ive seen it come up in other threads on the board. August 2009 - Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt (~40c/105f air temp) Were jumping in for some manta ray action for our third dive of the day. We actually spotted one from the boat so we jumped in and followed it for a...
  20. Tigerman

    I've been putting this off for too long already..

    Hi, my name is Tigerman and... Im a Dork Diver. Atleast according to the standards set in the welcome thread, so I might just as well come clean and admitt theres a dork diver hiding within me, although it might not always be allowed to surface.. Go dive, have fun!
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