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  1. Dee

    Doc Radawski, final ascent

    I thoroughly enjoyed my yearly visit with Doc a few weeks ago, I'm sorry it was my last. Rest in Peace, Doc.....we've lost a true legend.
  2. Dee

    Trip Report CoCo View 5/26, we am be here

    LOL....yeah, it's been awhile! The last 7 years have been medically challenging but we're back in the game.
  3. Dee

    Trip Report CoCo View 5/26, we am be here

    Table looks great, Doc! We just missed it all, left the 26th. We did see lots of Spotted Eagle Rays and Southern Stingrays in the Front Yard the 2 weeks we were there. Gringo and Kirk told us not to be surprised if we saw sharks, that they come in to feed on the rays.Our excitement was seeing a...
  4. Dee

    Texdiveguy.... So Long Buddy :-(

    I'm so sorry to hear this, he was definitely one of the great ones. RIP Alan
  5. Dee

    Just a note

    Another old Swamper checking in. I haven't been here in ages, it's nice to see a few familiar names/faces. Would love to attend a reunion anywhere. We're leaving Saturday for our annual 2 week trip to Roatan. Then I've got a 3 week bike trip but starting July will be open for anything...
  6. Dee

    Canon s95 and Canon wp-dc38--weight needed?

    I was wondering the same thing. I just got the housing...Sweet! It's small with very little air space inside so I was wondering about the weight kit.
  7. Dee

    Merry Christmas

    Beast and I want to wish you all a very Merry and Blessed Christmas. Please be careful in your travels and enjoy your family and friends. :santa1: :xmastree:
  8. Dee

    Merry Christmas, Swampers!

    Beast and I want to wish you all a very Merry and Blessed Christmas. Please be careful in your travels and enjoy your family and friends. :xmastree:
  9. Dee

    Who Is Going Where?

    Annual Roatan trip in May, then I'll be starting the knee replacements so the rest of 2011 may be mostly dry for me. BTW....still have some spaces left for the CoCo View trip if anyone is interested! :D
  10. Dee

    First shots with the Oly EPL-1

    I know this is WAY late but life got in the way. These aren't the best but all I have uploaded until the PC gets back from the shop. Last June my rig was so new it still had that new car smell to it! These are the first few shots out of it. Stock lens, INON S2000 strobe. Seahorse Male...
  11. Dee

    Anyone still use a oly c-5050?

    I still have three 5050 cameras and housings. I have to say it will always be a favorite! I have been thinking about selling 2 of them since I've moved on to an Oly EPL-1 rig and recently added a Canon S95 and housing for a small set up.
  12. Dee

    Adobe Lightroom 3

    Is the Student & Teacher Edition the full program? It's a huge difference in price, $79.99 vs $219.99, so something tells me it's not the full program. And yes, I am a student so I qualify.
  13. Dee

    Warhammer...used the Liquid Fit suit today!

    Wow!!! Talk about wakening from the dead! That suit is still is good shape, it was my winter suit for many years.
  14. Dee

    Diving at Stillhouse....moved from Roster

    I didn't want to just delete these posts so I moved them here....or I'll try to!!!
  15. Dee

    Need Help picking next dive destination TX to ??

    I have our annual trip to CoCo View Resort on Roatan next spring...May 14-28, 2011...either week or both! Come join us!
  16. Dee

    Cactus Juice

    One of the gals going on our trip Sat ordered some Cactus Juice the first of May, figuring a month would be plenty of time. She finally emailed them again this last Monday and finally heard from them.... there has been a shortage from the manufacturer, she could expect delivery by the end of...
  17. Dee

    June 3 Bohol pics

    Amazing! That 5th shot, an urchin of some sort? Looks like a Royal Crown.
  18. Dee

    Past couple of weeks at Byron Bay

    Beautiful! I just love the Eagle Ray faces.
  19. Dee

    Bohol May 2010

    Great shots, I love the Frogfish.
  20. Dee

    Coz pics from April...

    Very nice!
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