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  1. Rottekatz

    Light found by my son at Point Lobos on 21 JUL 16

    Identify markings and describe and I will pass you his info.
  2. Rottekatz

    Gloves Come unstitched

    After quite a few uses of Aqua Seal on my Aqua Lung gloves, my wife convinced me to toss them and start using a new set of Aqua Lung Kevlar gloves that I had purchased for lobster hunting. Haven't had a chance to hunt lobster, but on the second trip out the gloves started to tear where the...
  3. Rottekatz

    SeaQuest Balance by Aqua Lung

    Because Aqua Lung controls sale price through limiting access to warranty and service I chose to purchase a SeaQuest Balance by Aqua Lung over the internet under the belief that Aqua Lung manufactures a reliable product and the warranty would be unnecessary. The BCD which I purchased was NIB...
  4. Rottekatz

    Wisdom 2 ALT in Display, SN: 5708, purchased Feb 2012.

    On my last dive trip, 4 dives from the Spectre, during pre dive checks my Wisdom went through the check cycle then displayed ALT and shut down. I went through this several times and then decided that maybe the battery needed to be replaced. I went below to get my glasses and put them on in...
  5. Rottekatz

    For Sale NEW Suunto Vyper Air

    For Sale - New in Box Suunto Vyper Air with USB cable, transmitter, and extra face plate cover. I won this in a drawing and am satisfied with my current computer and think this is over the top for a back-up. I'll be in Laguna Beach on 10 August coming from North of Barstow, so can arrange...
  6. Rottekatz

    Suunto Viper Air vs Wisdom 2

    I've been diving with a Wisdom 2 for a little over a year (50 dives) and I'm happy with it. I won a Suunto Vyper Air at the Long Beach Scuba Show and am trying to decide if I should switch. All, on subject, responses would be greatly appreciated.:D Should I decide to keep and use the Vyper Air...
  7. Rottekatz

    Wenoka Squeeze Knife

    I had tried to mount it to the Mares BC. :shakehead: Problem was the grommets on the BC are thick. After I finally got the screws started, they pulled out of the plastic and through the holes. For the price another screw length could be provided. Not as convenient mounted knife to low...
  8. Rottekatz

    Mares Dragon Parts

    I've gone through three dealers trying to get the washer/seal where the air control (inflator or corrugated hose) screws onto the bladder. 2 weeks and no call back on price and availability. This is not an item requiring a highly trained technician to replace and is exposed after each day of...
  9. Rottekatz

    Air Control Sticky Button

    I returned the Air Control to Mares in Boca Raton, per Dealer instructions. Any idea how long it will be for the return? 5160149959 ATTN: Warranty / Returns Please affix the above label to your return. USPS tracking 0312 0860 0001 2956 6698
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