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  1. psumike

    Riviera Maya, MX June 10-17, Whale Sharks

    we have a few openings left for the trip. The flyer gives you the basics. PM me or call for more information. I have take groups to this resort and Dive Operator multiple times. All inclusive. The only cash you will need is for tipping the Captaindxand Guides. (No tipping at the...
  2. psumike

    Open Letter to Dive Training - March/April Cover Article a Disservice

    The Executive Editor has offered to publish a response in the next issue, but I feel that more people will have read the cover article than will read a letter in a subsequent issue. I know Dive Training strives to support the industry and retail shops but they missed the mark this issue. The...
  3. psumike

    WISDOM Computer circa 2004

    Said computer has been great. However, in MAR 2012 I changed batteries for a dive trip, I have completed about 10 dives and I got a low battery indication. Changed batteries and after 10 mote dive and 5 days got same low battery indication, while on this battery it would not hold the...
  4. psumike

    SCUBAJAM VA - Where Youth come to Dive

    SCUBAJAM is a 4 day weekend of diving related activities for youth at Lake Rawlings in Virginia over Labor Day weeekend. It will be 30 AUG to 3 SEP. Activites from past years have included: underwater archealogy, equipment demonstrations, ROVs, scavenger hunts, search and recovery activities...
  5. psumike

    Marine Conservation Diving for youth

    Come join Crew300 ( and participate in Marine Conservation projects. We have 5 trips planned for 2012. 1-5 MAR - Coral Reef Conservation Training. 9-15 APR Puerto Aventuras Mex 14-21 APR Puerto Aventuras Mex 14-21 JUL Key Largo, FL Fall 2012 - Bonaire We will have the luxury...
  6. psumike


    BSA Troops and Venture Crews ages 12-20 certified divers all over the state are participating in ScubaJam Virginia a gathering for an event filled weekend of camping and diving on Labor Day weekend 2011! Here is a link to our website: Home
  7. psumike

    Museum Visit

    While diving on Spring Break, Venturers from BSA Crew 1904 visited the musuem one afternoon. We had a great visit. The hands-on displays appealed to the youth, especially the weight of water displacement. The collection of helmets is really impressive. I know there are many of the older...
  8. psumike

    Download drivers for Reefmaster Mini?

    I borrowed my daughter's camera/cable and want to download the pictures to my PC. Is there a place to download the drivers for MS VISTA so I can get to the pictures? Thanks, Mike
  9. psumike

    Lionfish in Puerto Aventuras area

    It was disapointing to see lionfish on 4 of our 8 dives. The DMs were diligent about capturing them and sending the information to REEF, but of the 8 or so we saw, 3 would not cooperate with the plastic bags and remained loose. They were a inches to about 6-8 inches in size. Mostly at 60+...
  10. psumike

    padding on heel strap

    Somehow I have managed to lose the neprene loop on one heel strap. Is there a way to get another/replace it? Thanks, Mike
  11. psumike

    Scuba radio poc

    Are there any points of contact for SCUBA Radio on the board? I am involved in an event summer 2010 and I would like to discuss participation. Please contact me. Offline: Thanks! Mike
  12. psumike

    Hi All from Stafford VA

    Hi - I completed my profile with all of the basics. Just looking to tune into the diving community and keep growing my wish list of places to dive. Mike
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