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  1. Joneill

    Voli Voli vs Kadavu

    I'm going to Paradise Taveuni from Aug 19-31 and was thinking about extending until the 4th to get in some more diving in a different area of Fiji while I'm all the way out there. Any recommendations on Voli Voli (do you dive the Bligh Waters?) vs Kadavu (Great Astrolabe Reef). How different...
  2. Joneill

    Cayman Islands Hyperbaric Chambers?

    I’m finishing up my rescue certification before some fall dive trips to French Pokynesia and Cayman Brac and need to put together an emergency action plan as part of the training. I’m doing it for the Brac trip but having an issue confirming chambers in the Cayman Islands. It seems there is a...
  3. Joneill

    Rangiroa Dive OP Recommendations

    Going to Rangiroa for 4 days as part of a 30th Anniversary trip in early October - Staying at Kia Ora Resort so figured Top Dive would be best bet for 2 days of diving(3 dives each day) as they are at /pick up at Kia Ora (and wife is non-diving, so coming back between dives is nice). Any...
  4. Joneill

    Cheap Hotel for a few nights on 7MB near 7MB

    Heading to CBBC on Brac for a dive trip with our local shop Nov 2-9. I'm flyng into GC on Nov 1 to avoid any connection issues to BRAC and then onto Brac early Sat Morning. I'll be flying back to GC early on Nov 9 and then back to JFK on Nov 11 - hooking up with friends who live on GC and...
  5. Joneill

    Diving/weather conditions on Cayman Brac in November?

    LDS has a trip in early November (2nd to 9th) - in general, are conditions normally good that time of year (barring a possible tropical system as hurricane season does run until end of November)? Any input from the frequent visitors appreciated! Thanks!
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