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  1. NoDiver

    My OW check out dives

    Well, following my less than stellar performance during my confined water dives in the UK I headed off to Mauritius. Before my first certification dive, I requested that we just do a DSD so I could get used to the water and feel comfortable with the equipment etc. No problem they said...
  2. NoDiver

    Confined water certified...I don't think I should have passed

    I will provide details later. Suffice it to say, I was rushed through a diving course and I am in no way qualified to dive in any situation, in my estimation.
  3. NoDiver

    Australia- PADI OW Referral

    I'm doing an OW Referral course here in the UK then completing my OW dives in sunnier climes when I go on vacation in April. I have a friend in Brisbane who will be joining us on Vacation and she has called several dive shops and they've said they don't do the OW Referral's all or...
  4. NoDiver

    Moustaches and mask flooding

    My husband will be embarking on the OW course with me. He has been considering diving for quite some time now, but his concern has been the fact that he has a rather luxuriant moustache and fears that, short of wearing a full-face mask, he will be unable to keep the mask sealed. Are there...
  5. NoDiver

    PADI OW Cert.- Depth of 4 OW dives

    I am contemplating taking a PADI OW referral course here in the U.K and completing the OW dives in warmer climes. If successful, I believe I will be certified to 60', however, will I actually be required to dive to 60' during any of the 4 dives?
  6. NoDiver

    Dive lessons - Mauritius

    Hi all, I have yet to get my feet wet, but as we visit Mauritius twice a year I think it's about time I took the plunge (pun intended)! I intend to book my training with Blue Water Divers in Trou Aux Biches. Do any board members have any experience of this dive school? I believe the...
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