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  1. TSandM

    Ten years!

    July 5th, 2005 . . . I climbed out of the water from the second dive, and my instructor shook my hand, and told me I was a certified diver. It's been an amazing ten years. I've done somewhere around 1300 dives, in most of the major regions where people go diving. Australia, Indonesia, the South...
  2. TSandM

    Photographic proof

    Anybody reading the DIR section of this board (and some of the others) might get the idea that those of us who train with GUE think our instructors walk on water. They do. Here's proof: (Richard Lundgren, entering the water for a dive on the Mars project)
  3. TSandM

    Compressor setup advice

    With the THIRD dive shop closing on us, we are going to have to bite the bullet and get a compressor. I really know very little about them, so I'm more than a little nervous about this whole endeavor. What I would like to hear is the mistakes other people have made in setting up a home...
  4. TSandM

    Puerto Galera in October with TSandM and Peter Guy

    We still have a few spots open for our October trip to the Philippines. We'll be revisiting the Atlantis resort there -- we spent time there last year, and had an absolute ball. The resort is gorgeous, the food is excellent, and the diving . . . well, it's the Philippines, which means beautiful...
  5. TSandM

    Dive travel and responsibility

    Another thread on the board got me thinking. Here's a hypothetical situation: I'm talking with some friends after a dive, and several of us express a desire to go to Palau. I go home, do some research, come up with a dive op with good reviews, write to them, and get details on what kind of a...
  6. TSandM

    Any experience with the newer, flexible neck ring from SiTech?

    I know there's been a thread on this before, but at that point, nobody had any experience with it, so I thought I would check again.
  7. TSandM

    Salvaging E/O connectors

    The E/O connectors on my suit heater are a pain. Currently, I have enough corrosion in the female receptacle on the canister side that it appears I am not getting a complete circuit, so I'm out of heat. I can't figure out how to clean it. A bath in the ultrasonic cleaner has done nothing, and...
  8. TSandM

    The most ridiculously overstaffed Fundies class ever taught . . .

    . . . began yesterday. Some folks will remember that there was a long discussion about Fundies from last year (the thread has been revived and is currently running). It ended with Guy Shockey offering a free Fundamentals class to DaleC and a fellow Canadian, so long as I took part in it. It...
  9. TSandM

    It can be so much easier . . .

    Peter and I went diving today, our first 2015 dive. We went to a popular local dive site, but given that it was a weekday, the air temperatures were in the low 30's, and the sky was gray, I was surprised to see several other teams of divers, and my hat was off to them. During our dive, a team...
  10. TSandM

    After 6 years . . . Cave 1 redux

    For some odd and personal reasons, I ended up diving as a third teammate on a GUE Cave 1 class this last week. I did Cave 1 in 2008, and it was the only GUE class I have ever done that I passed outright the first time through. I have since done Cave 2 (provisionaled) and NACD Full Cave, and have...
  11. TSandM

    Short notice -- half price Cave 1 class 12/15 - 20

    Post this in the probably vain hope that someone will be able to redo their schedule . . . due to circumstances beyond anybody's control, one of the students for JP Bresser's Cave 1 class for the above dates is unable to make it. The class, and lodging at the Catalonia resort, are paid for, and...
  12. TSandM

    Another great piece on Fundies from Gareth Burrows!

    To follow up on the introduction of Diver 1 and Diver 2, Gareth has written another excellent piece on preparation for Fundies: Secrets of Fundamentals: the top mistakes people make Really, it's almost a shame to put these posts in the DIR forum, since what he writes really applies to any and...
  13. TSandM

    Can't see photo gallery pictures on a Surface?

    It's very annoying, but since I went to the Win 8.1 Surface Pro, I cannot see any attachments in posts that attach ScubaBoard gallery photos. No other photos are problematic, but the SB gallery ones won't load.
  14. TSandM

    Reading materials

    It happens that I have been reviewing the GUE Cave 1 class materials as they exist in 2014. In addition to Jarrod's book on cave diving, which is a treatise on cave and technical diving, and not a manual, and some materials on gas management and decompression, the materials include 79 pages of...
  15. TSandM

    Jawfish biology?

    Peter snagged a lovely photo of a jawfish with eggs: It raised questions for us about how LONG the male has to brood the young, and it certainly appears that he cannot eat while he does so. We have Giant Pacific Octopus who don't eat while they brood their young, but they die when the eggs...
  16. TSandM

    Warm water, easy logistics trip

    For reasons that are entirely unclear to me, my husband has gotten into organizing and leading dive trips. We've done two so far, one to the area in Mexico where we cave dive, and one to the Philippines. He wants to keep doing it, but we just aren't sure where to go next. For the purposes of...
  17. TSandM

    Poison ocelot?

    On our recent trip to Dumaguete, we saw a medium sized, light colored octopus that the guide called something that sounded like "Poison ocelot". I've tried various spellings and can't find anything about an animal going by this common name. Can someone help me?
  18. TSandM

    Kudos to Mike Johnson of Dolphin Scuba in Sacramento

    We are just heading home from Atlantis Dumaguete, where we had the delightful good fortune to meet Mike. From the time we ran into him in the lobby of the Midas Hotel, through the end of the trip, we were struck at how friendly and almost pathologically helpful this man is. He lent his DSLR...
  19. TSandM

    Night diving and light discipline

    Night diving has some things in common with cave diving -- you are very depending on your dive lights, to know where you are, to see stuff, and to communicate. In cave diving, you spend quite a bit of time on what's called light discipline. What is it? It is learning how to use a light in the...
  20. TSandM

    A brag by way of a funny story

    So -- you have to know that one of my idols is Danny Riordan, who was my Cave 1 instructor. I call Danny "negative space in the water" -- he never moves except to a clear, defined purpose; otherwise, he's just a motionless shadow. I have worked for years to achieve the motionlessness that...
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