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  1. BoltSnap

    Information on the new SCUBAPRO S270 SECOND STAGE

    Has anyone here seen in person or dove with the new "SCUBAPRO S270 SECOND STAGE" or knows more about it than what is listed on websites? It is going to be packaged with the MK2 and the MK11 first stages. It seems that it is an S560 but without the cracking pressure adjustment knob (still has the...
  2. BoltSnap

    Title Below User ID

    System puts "Scuba Instructor" below my user id, how is the system generating this label and what does it use to know that I am a "Scuba Instructor"? Early one right after the upgrade it was "NAUI Instructor" IIRC.
  3. BoltSnap

    Regulator First Stage DIN Dust Cap with O-ring

    I am looking for Dust Caps for DIN first stages with o-ring for better sealing. I have ones without o-rings but I am looking for ones with o-rings if they exist. Please give me link to the product.
  4. BoltSnap

    Does Subsurface Support Scubapro's A2 DC?

    Anyone knows if Subsurface Supports Scubapro's A2 DC?
  5. BoltSnap

    PM Email Notification

    It seems that since several days ago I am no longer receiving email notifications for PMs sent to me on SB. I haven't changed any settings at all. Was there a change in SB to stop email notifications or is there something else I need to change/modify?
  6. BoltSnap

    Blue Water Photo Store, Are they still in Business

    Does anyone know if Blue Water Photo Store is still in business or if they are in any type of difficulties? @BluewaterPhoto
  7. BoltSnap

    Guns for freeshafting on Scuba

    Are there specific/special guns used for freeshafting on Scuba? What brands and models please? Can any gun be used for freeshafting or does it have to be made for this purpose specifically? (I am just learning about freeshafting and watching YouTube videos but I don't know much about it at all).
  8. BoltSnap

    Nikon Z7ii & Z6ii Cameras' Focusing Speed for U/W Photography

    The criticism I have read from underwater photographers concerning the Z7ii and Z6ii cameras has to do with the focusing speeds of these two cameras vs. offerings from Canon and Sony. These photographers claim that the focusing speeds of the two Z cameras is less optimal than the Canon R5 and...
  9. BoltSnap

    New Scubapro S-Tek (BP/W BC's) Line

    Has anyone seen, in-person, and/or tried the new Scubapro S-Tek (BP/W BC's) line that was announced not too long ago and just came out? Please let us know what you saw and what you thought of it...
  10. BoltSnap

    Feedback on the Scubapro Hydros X BCD

    I am looking for feedback on the Scubapro Hydros X BCD from divers who have used it. I am interested in knowing what you think of its fit, comfort, durability, functionality, comparisons vs. other jacket type BCD's and any other information please. Does it stay in place on your body or does it...
  11. BoltSnap

    Oceanic GEO 4 & VEO 4 for Dive School Use

    I'd like to hear from members here who are using the GEO 4 or the VEO 4 concerning their impressions of two computers especially as related to reliability and readability. I am looking to add more dive computers to our training/rental fleet and I am considering one of these two models in...
  12. BoltSnap

    Enigmatic moderated/deleted post message

    I posted a reply to a user inquiry in this thread, What do you do with your regulator when you're snorkeling?, and later received a moderation message that I don’t understand and don’t know what is required of me and what I did wrong. My reply did not violate any SB standards at all. I have read...
  13. BoltSnap

    OLY M.Zuiko ED 30mm f3.5 Macro Lens vs. the OLY 60mm f/2.8 Macro Lens

    Hello OLY users I already have the OLY 60mm f/2.8 macro lens and have been using it for a long time. I am wondering about the 30mm lens from OLY and if it will serve a purpose in addition to the 60mm lens. Do you have and used both underwater? When and where would you use the 30mm vs. the...
  14. BoltSnap

    Use of "Endoscope" type cameras for VCI

    Has anyone here tried to use the "Endoscope" type cameras for doing VCI (visual cylinder inspection) instead of the typical VCI inspection light used for this purpose? Is there a reason not to use it or any other issues of concern? If you have used them and they are good to use, what models did...
  15. BoltSnap

    Curaçao, the windward side

    Has anyone dove the windward side of Curaçao? Please tell us about it, how did you arrange for the diving, how different it is from the other side and what you saw that is different. I know that you can't dived it from shore but I have heard that some dive operations go there when the sea and...
  16. BoltSnap

    Scubapro's Evertech Dry Breathable Drysuit: Your opinion please...

    Anyone here has any experience with the Scubapro Evertech Dry Breathable drysuit? I'd like to know about their reliability, flexibility, fit, features and anything else you think is important please...
  17. BoltSnap

    Bare Drysuits: Soliciting your opinion; the good, the bad and the ugly

    Anyone here has any experience with Bare drysuits, specifically the SENTRY Tech Dry, the Expedition HD2 Tech Dry and the X-Mission Evolution: SENTRY Tech Dry - BARE Sports Expedition HD2 Tech Dry - BARE Sports X-Mission Evolution - BARE Sports I'd like to know about their reliability...
  18. BoltSnap

    My First Dive Computer...

    My first dive computer I bought in 1987, the US DIVERS DATA SCAN 3 PRO AIR INTEGRATED COMPUTER. Although I had been using dive tables since I started diving in the 70's, I never had to use dive tables for recreational diving since 1987. The only time I used dive tables was/is when I teach dive...
  19. BoltSnap

    Battery Change for UWATEC Aladin Sport

    A friend of mine has an UWATEC Aladin Sport that needs batteries. Does anyone here please know if the batteries are user replaceable or if it is something that is so out of date that isn't worth changing? I am not familiar with the product and need more information to be able to give best...
  20. BoltSnap

    Current Prices for Helium in US and Europe

    I'd like to know the current prices for Helium per liter and Ft3 in Europe and US please. I found a source for He in Libya that costs $330 for a 50L Tank at 150 Bar (it works out to be $1.25/Ft3 and $0.04/L if my math is right) and I'd like to know how it compares to the rest of the world.
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