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  1. scuba-karen

    BCD comparison AL Soul vs Pearl

    I have dived with both- my original was a Pearl and now I have the Soul i3 - Really, I don't feel there's too much of a difference although the Soul it better fitting for me and I love it, although it's not perfect it is great for me. The hybrid design gives the best of both worlds; an ADV...
  2. scuba-karen

    Show me your Selfie!

    Great pic..but not sure its a selfie :)
  3. scuba-karen

    Show me your Selfie!

    Selfie with son... Komodo, Indonesia taken on a Go Pro
  4. scuba-karen

    Ideal wetsuit for Maldives

    No - I feel the cold a lot , especially after a couple of days of 3 dives+ a day. Im debating whether to take Sharkskins plus a 2.5mm shortie or whether to take a 3m full length or even a 5mm. Its all Donghi diving out there
  5. scuba-karen

    Location recommendations to pair with Komodo?

    Its pretty easy to get to the Gili's from Flores (which is where you fly to from Komodo) - its easy to get a boat for this trip ( although a little) although not too much big stuff.
  6. scuba-karen

    Ideal wetsuit for Maldives

    I was wondering if wearing a shark skin top and bottoms would be Ok for March diving in Maldives? I feel the cold a fair bit and although these worked well in Indonesia in the summer, i was not on a liveaboard on did a max of two dives a day - thinking of the protection with the currents as well
  7. scuba-karen

    Would love your feedback on my UW Shots as a novice with my SeaLife 1400 in Cozumel

    Pillpusher thank you for that, I don't think I can afford both as I want to buy my own regs before the next trip also. I really am far too new to even understand what RAW is all about, but assume that I can still make some adjustments through my iPhotos software. I had come to the same...
  8. scuba-karen

    Would love your feedback on my UW Shots as a novice with my SeaLife 1400 in Cozumel

    Video strobe or light for DC1400 ?- If you could only choose (well afford) one - which would you go for? I know the logical answer depends whether you are more likely to take video or stills - but even so..if pushed to choose what would it be and reasons why? I am good at composition when it...
  9. scuba-karen

    Best fin for propulsion small foot

    OK - so I finally found a fin that actually fits fits, its designed for females, comes in very small and has a very soft foot pouch which doesnt dig into the instep and sprung heel clips - Whether it is any good .. I will have to wait and see. It looks like a very standard fin but the middle is...
  10. scuba-karen

    Would you buy a repaired BCD- Aqualung Ladies Pearl i3

    Thank you all so much for your replies.. the advice is appreciated and taken on board but has left me in even more confused :confused:in that I was pretty sold on that BCD - just not sure if the repair was safe! I went to a dive shop today and tried on the AL Ladies Pearl (not the i3) version...
  11. scuba-karen

    Best fin for propulsion small foot

    Still on my small foot fin quest. It is looking more and more likely that my best option will be Force Fins - I have located a size chart but it does not seem that there are not any UK stockists of the Original Force Fin as opposed to the Force Pro Fin (which is stiffer and more suited to the...
  12. scuba-karen

    Best fin for propulsion small foot

    I am struggling also to find fins that fit well for the small foot - I wear size 5 (US) or 3.5 to 4 (UK). It seems that most start with medium or small which is too long in the foot pocket. The Mares Avanti Quattro in size small is too big for my feet, so if you find a good alternative, please...
  13. scuba-karen

    Would you buy a repaired BCD- Aqualung Ladies Pearl i3

    I have the chance to buy a second hand Aqualung/Seaquest Ladies Pearl i3 BCD which states "BCD developed a small leak on the reverse of the jacket (bad manufacturing not through damage, no tears, leaks through skin of bcd) Professionally repaired using correct material and Stormsure which is...
  14. scuba-karen

    Hi - new this board and looking for a buddy and places to dive

    There are surprisingly few dive shops and clubs in London. I have emailed a few asking for when they next meet and I know that would be the best option and yes it would be nice to make sure dive buddies are decent first. Last year I went solo on a liveaboard trip to the Red Sea, so was sharing a...
  15. scuba-karen

    Quick Hello

    Lucky You! There's some great diving off all three and some awesome party nights too.
  16. Anenome


    Closing anenome
  17. 621067_128131410666038_1516372428_o


  18. Turtle


    Gili Trawangan - me doing an impression of a turtle - I swam with this turtle the entire dive
  19. Sleeping Fish

    Sleeping Fish

    I thought he was dead.. but when he was sleeping - and swam away
  20. Swimming with Dolphins

    Swimming with Dolphins

    Pod of about 50 dolphins - south in the Red Sea
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