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  1. Wetsuit 4 life

    Powell River Dive sites

    Hello, I plan to head up to Powell River area later this year and was wondering what my options were for dive sites and if there is a charted boat still running in the area also is the shop still there? looking for both shore and open ocean dive sites Thanks Dave
  2. Wetsuit 4 life

    Starting Tec 40 in June

    Hello, This has probably been asked many many times before, I'am going to be starting the Tec 40 / Intro to Tec program in June and was looking for some tips and advice on skills that could be practised before the course begins? I'll be diving with a single cylinder for back gas and Al 80...
  3. Wetsuit 4 life

    Britannia Beach wrecks getting smaller

    Hello, Has anyone else noticed that the wrecks look as if small parts and items are disappearing? Cheers
  4. Wetsuit 4 life

    Nitrox 28 in one tank and smooth classic air in the other

    Hello everyone, Here's a question I have one tank my back gas with a Nitrox mix 28% and my pony with is now full of classic air, how would switching to my pony tank affect dive time and off gassing? Does this count as gas switching even if not being used for deco or extending bottom time? Is...
  5. Wetsuit 4 life

    Hollis DC 1 and 212 regulator for Tech diving in the Pacific Northwest

    Hello, I have a chance to pick up this regulator at a really good price and I was Wondering if anyone had any experience with this particular regular for cold water and tech diving in the Pacific Northwest and how well it held up or if there were any problems Thanks Dave
  6. Wetsuit 4 life

    Ole's Cove on the Sunshine Coast

    Good afternoon, It's almost time for my biannual trip up the Sunshine Coast and this time I was hoping to hit some of the sites I have missed in the past such as Ole's Cove, Brooks Cove, and the shore dive at Egmont if there is still a shore dive there. I was hoping I would be able to find some...
  7. Wetsuit 4 life

    Technical diving and Type one Diabetes

    Hello Was wondering if there was any information regarding Type one diabetics and technical diving? Looking for any other source then DAN which I find sets there diving guild lines on a broader base line and not on an individual bases. My future instructor is aware as well as my...
  8. Wetsuit 4 life

    Sweet New Wetsuit

    Good evening Just picked up a new O'Neill wetsuit for the winter season and figured that this time I'll take care of it more then its' predecessor so what I'am looking for are any tips on wetsuit care and treatment? Also does anyone have any idea about how this would effect my buoyancy...
  9. Wetsuit 4 life

    Bachelor Bay the one in West Vancouver

    Hello, I'am planing on heading over to Bachelor Bay some time next week and was hoping for any advice, tips, or information about this site and if its even really worth the time or would it be better to just drive 5 more minutes and hit the cut thanks Cheers
  10. Wetsuit 4 life

    Sunshine Coast Shore Dive Sites

    Hello, I am heading up the Sunshine Coast for a bit of a long weekend, and was looking for some information on the following shore diving sites, most of the information that i have now is from 141 Dives and 151 Dives by Betty Pratt-Johnson and some other info from I am...
  11. Wetsuit 4 life

    Other Divers with Diabetes

    Good Day, I have been diving now for a year and a half with type 1 diabetes and was wondering if there are any other diabetic divers out there with any stories from there diving experiences as a diabetic diver. What I'am looking for is if any has had any problems with dive shops or...
  12. Wetsuit 4 life

    Night Dive Tuesday 24th

    Good afternoon, Wondering if anyone would be up for a dive or two this Tuesday afternoon / evening Anywhere close to Vancouver would be great Cheers
  13. Wetsuit 4 life

    Lookout Point Express

    Good afternoon I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on this drift dive, I believe that it is supposes to start at lookout point and end at the Cut. What I don't know is how long does it normally take and what would be the ideal tide and current conditions Thanks Dave
  14. Wetsuit 4 life

    Pony Bottle an Al80

    Here are my first two attempts to rig an Al 80 has my pony bottle, the first one was not so great after I realized that i had ended up chaining myself to the tank and that the plastic zip strips would not stay in place when walking around my apartment. Second attempt has proved much...
  15. Wetsuit 4 life

    Sunshine Coast - Scuba Shack

    Hello Myself and some friends are heading up to stay at the Scuba Shack located close to the Tuwanek area. So I was looking for advice on other dive sites between Sechelt and Earle's Cove. So far it looks like were going to spend most of the time exploring Tuwanek, but I'am hoping to...
  16. Wetsuit 4 life

    Aqualung Calypso 4

    Good afternoon I'am wondering if anyone knows how to remove the exhaust "T" from the Aqualung Calypso 4 second stage, and if anyone knows any sites where one would be able to find more information on this type of regulator Cheers
  17. Wetsuit 4 life

    Underwater Pumpkin Carving Tips and Advice

    Good afternoon everybody Since this is the pumpkin craving season I was wondering if anyone had any advice or tips that could make this the best pumpkin carving season ever. Thanks
  18. Wetsuit 4 life

    Looking for cheap cheap BCD

    Good Morning I'am looking for a cheap BCD that really just as to work (somewhat). It's for work and I'am getting tired using my wing. Thanks Dave
  19. Wetsuit 4 life

    The OTHER dive sites

    Hello I've been looking thou my dive site books of the lower mainland looking for something new and different, and i have come across these sites. So was wondering if any one has been to any of them lately? Are they still access able? and are they even worth the time to get to...
  20. Wetsuit 4 life

    Aqualung Calypso IV service guide

    Good Afternoon, A coworker just gave me an old aqualung Calypso IV 1st stage and 2nd stage, so i was hoping that someone would have an idea of where i might be able to find a service guide for it? Thanks Dave
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