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  1. DiverRider

    Looking for HI Travel advice

    My fiancee and 2 children, 13 and 12 are looking at going to HI next year. I would like to do some diving while there but have seen both good and bad reviews of different sites there. I wanted to dive the Molokini Crater in Maui but I spoke to a dive operator three and he was quite honest with...
  2. DiverRider

    Bonaire vs. Curacao

    Hello everyone, My fiance and I are getting married and plan a Caribbean dive trip. She is a new OW diver so I'm looking to make her dives easy and enjoyable. We recently were down in Bonaire, where she got OW certified by a good freind of mine who works for Buddy Dive. She liked the shore...
  3. DiverRider

    Beware of the "Grey market dealers"

    Last year I bought a Suunto Vyper2 and was naive to the “grey market” pitfall. I have since had trouble with this device and sent in back to the "grey dealer". It has a 2 year warranty with them. This resulted in a barrage of phone calls to find out when I would get it back with a complete...
  4. DiverRider

    Q&A for Dive buddy

    I recently was in Bonaire to spend a week of vacation. While there I found the diving to be excellent. I had a variety of dive partners while there as I had traveled by myself. I'm accustomed to this as I like traveling and can't always find a dive buddy with the same schedule. I learned a...
  5. DiverRider

    Wreck Diving

    I recently did a dive on the USS Spiegel Grove in Key Largo, FL. I went down to it with 3 other divers on our chartered dive boat. We all were using Nitrox. One of the divers was a young guy about 25 years old; he had been partying the night before, so he told me before the dive. He seemed to be...
  6. DiverRider

    Picture file upload limit

    I would like to know how one is to upload pictures a bit larger that the 2000k limit set by the web site. The pictures I took were done using an 8.1 mega pixel camera and are inherently larger in file size than normal. They average approximately between 2500k and 2900k.
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