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  1. Boyan

    DIR- Generic Why donate your primary?

    I am not sure I completely understand the rationale behind donating your primary hose. The main arguments seem to be: You are encouraged to have a HQ backup regulator, since you donate your primary You are encouraged to have a working, serviced backup regulator, since you donate your primary...
  2. Boyan

    DIR- Generic Halcyon light buckle and ACB weights?

    I have a halcyon infinity single tank setup. On both bottom sides of the backplate there are two pieces of webbing bolted to the backplate: left a webbing with the D ring, right a reinforced webbing for the light which comes with a sliding buckle, for securing the light. When using the ACB...
  3. Boyan

    DIR- Generic How to secure the back pad on a halcyon backplate?

    Hello, I recently bought a halcyon infinity BC. It comes with a back pad, you are supposed to screw on with bolts and nuts, which look like these: However, when I screw the screw in, the whole thing starts to turn (bolt and nut). What is supposed to hold the nut in place, while you screw...
  4. Boyan

    Do the hoses, which come with Apeks regs have the "crystallisation" problem?

    We've all read the stories about degrading braided hoses, where the material inside the hoses degrades due to sun exposure and they suddenly stop working. As far as I know it depends on the type of plastic being used. Are the hoses, which come with Apeks regs affected by this?
  5. Boyan

    DIR- Generic SPG clip off - hip or shoulder?

    Basically, which D ring am I supposed to clip off the spg? I just bought an spg and a hose, but the hose seems to be too short to even reach the hip ring. Its 54cm long (21in) and it appears to me, that its too short to go to the hip. I asked the shop owner about this and he insisted, that...
  6. Boyan

    Which regulator for both very cold & warm waters?

    Hello, I am in the process of buying my first regulator. Some details: I dive in warm waters I dive in coldish waters (10°C) I plan on diving in cooler waters (4°C) I would like to occasionally dive in ice waters (ice°C) I am looking for a complete set, set-up in a "dir" way (long house for...
  7. Boyan

    Can you sink by blowing up your BC below 40m?

    Today I heard an interesting thing from a very experienced diver: When you put air into your BC and you are at 40m you start to sink because of negative bubbles. If you are a lot below 40m, adding air in your BC does nothing, hence there is no fast ascend like that from beyond 40m. Is this the...
  8. Boyan

    What went wrong procedure wise?

    Today I read this interesting article about an accident in Mallorca: Two days in an underwater cave running out of oxygen - BBC News My question is, what could have been done differently to prevent this or is this the type of thing, that can simply happen and there is nothing you can do about it?
  9. Boyan

    30 days rebreather, sleeping underwater. Which Documentary?

    I came across this AMA in reddit: IamA Cave Diver AMA • /r/IAmA Where one poster asks about a documentary, which sounds really interesting: In the mid 90s, I saw a program on Discovery called Challenge. It featured cave diving and they showed a rebreather that was capable of letting a person...
  10. Boyan

    Most reliable air tight mask?

    So I have bought a fancy clear silicone mask for 70 € and it was a real disappointment. It was super hard to put on in a way, so that it was air tight, even a single hair would compromise it and it was super foggy all the time even after tooth paste and lots of washing. After a while it got a...
  11. Boyan

    Controlling Buoyancy with your breath: Why?

    Hi, I recently finished GUE Fundamentals. One of the less intuitive lessons we learned was about weights, and specifically how we have too much of those. The result of few weights seems to be a bigger impact of breathing on buoyancy. At the end I got the hang of it, and I see some...
  12. Boyan

    Altitude sickness = Decompression Sickness?

    I am trying to understand decompression. From what I understand DCS is similar to altitude sickness because the treatment for both is oxygen and a hyperbaric chamber. If this is correct, would it be a possibility to save an altitude sickness patient by submerging him underwater (pressure = 1...
  13. Boyan

    Hi from Europe!

    Hi, I am Boyan from Bulgaria, living in Austria. I am new to diving, but I enjoy it a lot so far. I plan to travel the world diving and am enlisted in GUE Fundamentals, which I hope I will be able to pass in the coming week. I have learned many useful things in this forum, maybe we will meet...
  14. Boyan

    Semi-Cave: Is this dangerous?

    Hi, I have 8 dives under my belt, so pretty new to the game. After doing my CMAS 1* a year back I did 4 more dives while on vacation two weeks ago. I was surprised to be offered "cave diving" with my lack of cave certification in the dive shop in greece. I told them I am not interested in...
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