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  1. Capt. Pete

    Socorro Trip Discounted below cost

    Great price, wish I had the time to get away!
  2. Capt. Pete

    Aqua Lung sold to Montagu, a European Private Equity Firm

    As an Aqua Lung & Oceanic dealer I am interested to see how this plays out
  3. Capt. Pete

    Veteran's Day Charity Dive

    Thank you Sam. Lake Pleasant is due north of Luke AFB, Mormon Flat dam is on the Salt River forming Canyon Lake I believe. I don't believe we are the first to host a charity dive on Veteran's Day, might be nice if it caught on industry wide.
  4. Capt. Pete

    Veteran's Day Charity Dive

    Inland Water Divers & Pleasant Charters have joined forces to raise money for the Diving Devil Dogs of Arizona this Veteran's Day Friday November 11, 2016. For a $40 dollar cash donation we will take you on a 2 tank dive on Lake Pleasant. You must reserve your seat- space is limited Maricopa...
  5. Capt. Pete

    Recent Lake Pleasant conditions/reports

    Great conditions October 29-30! 70-71 degrees on the surface with very little temp change to 85'. 25' to 30' of visibility @ Tech & 2 Anchors. If you weren't at the lake you missed a great weekend for diving.
  6. Capt. Pete

    Lake Clean-Up Dive

    Join us this Saturday @ Lake Pleasant as Inland Water Divers, the IWD Dive Team & Pleasant Charters teams up to help clean-up the lake after a busy Summer season. In addition to the clean-up we will be raising money for the #NAUI Green Diver Initiative. We will have the grille going and be...
  7. Capt. Pete

    Is liquidvision out of business? Looking at the Lynx, but apprehensive

    Dave, For what it is worth I have a very lightly used Lynx, likely less than 12 dives on it, with a transmitter for sale in my shop. If you are interested message me for details
  8. Capt. Pete

    Recent Lake Pleasant conditions/reports

    Spent the weekend diving several different sites. Found the surface temp to be 70 to 71 at most sites with 54 @ 115' at Tec Reef/Island. Visibility is down a bit from out last trip out but is does improve greatly after 50', vis @ 115' appeared to be on the 40' range.
  9. Capt. Pete

    Naui Green Diver Lake Clean-up Event

    Thanks to everyone that made it out to the lake this last weekend to help out with the clean-up efforts. Whether you with our group or one of the other dive shops that hosted an event, thank you for making a difference. We will be hosting another clean-up event for International Coastal Clean-Up...
  10. Capt. Pete

    Recent Lake Pleasant conditions/reports

    Was out diving Friday night as well as Saturday & Sunday. The night dive was absolutely beautiful with tons of catfish @ South Reef, the full moon and a great Arizona sunset just added to the experience. Water temp is still holding at 64-65 at the surface with a slight thermocline @ 40'. 20' to...
  11. Capt. Pete

    Naui Green Diver Lake Clean-up Event

    Just an FYI, due to the water levels at the lake we will be meeting near the southwest corner of the 10 lane boat ramp parking area. Keep an eye out for the dive flags, hopefully you will find us.
  12. Capt. Pete

    Do You Have A Sport Chalet Air Fill Card?

    With the sudden closure of Sport Chalet we realize that you may have purchased an air fill card that has some remaining value. Inland would like to extend the opportunity for you to redeem the unused portion of your air fill card at our shop. Sport Chalet air fill cards will be honored as Inland...
  13. Capt. Pete

    Recent Lake Pleasant conditions/reports

    We were out diving Jack Ass reef Saturday and found 64-65 degree water temps with the visibility down in the 20' range. Way too windy to take the boat out Sunday morning, we will try again next weekend!
  14. Capt. Pete

    Naui Green Diver Lake Clean-up Event

    Inland will be hosting a lake clean-up dive Saturday April 23 starting @ 0800. At this point we are planning on meeting everyone west of the 10 lane boat ramp in the overflow/spillway parking area. Look for the dive flags, I am sure you wont miss us. Everyone is welcome to join us, hope to see...
  15. Capt. Pete

    Welcome to the Business of Diving (BODI) discussion forum!

    Darcy, Glad to see the BODI back on line. Looking forward to further discussions.
  16. Capt. Pete

    In search of a NAUI ITC

    Arizona is another option for you!
  17. Capt. Pete

    Underwater Lake Clean-Up

    I have been a bit on the busy side at the shop lately but I wanted to take a minute to thank any and all that helped out at the lake clean-up. Thanks for helping to make the event successful!
  18. Capt. Pete

    Underwater Lake Clean-Up

    Inland Water Divers will once again be helping out at Lake Pleasant during their annual Fall clean-up project. We will be working to clean-up the Christmas Tree Reef area and the Spillway. Please see info below, additionally if you are going to be diving with us you will need to stop by to sign...
  19. Capt. Pete

    What agency has the most technical nitrox training?

    If you are looking at recreational level nitrox I would agree with one of the other posts, NAUI. Much more content than the others.
  20. Capt. Pete

    Recent Lake Pleasant conditions/reports

    Spent the last two weekends diving the islands/reefs offshore and found them to still be delivering good visibility with 84 degree surface temps. Tec is now about 2' out of the water where last week it was still about 2' underwater, visibility was worse shallow there this weekend compared to...
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