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  1. Efka76

    SDI Road to Rescue Diver

    You are wrong. PADI Master Scuba diver cert requires OWD, AOWD, Rescue Diver, EFR, 50 dives, 5 specialties.
  2. Efka76

    LOB in Egypt dont have enough guides?

    I do not know about situation now, however, when I did LOB in Red Sea 2 years ago our dive guides discussed experience of each diver, observed our check out dive. Based on that there were made 3 groups of divers: 1) Divers that are very experienced and they were diving on their own with their...
  3. Efka76

    BSAC Trainee Frustrations

    My way into BSAC was a bit different. I already had PADI MSD and few TDI tech certifications. BSAC recognised my certifications and issued BSAC Equivalent to Sports Diver certification. In my view easiest way for you would be to take PADI/SSI course, get OW and maybe AOWD certifications and...
  4. Efka76

    Trip Report Egypt - BD (almost E) - Emperor Elite

    Nice report. Yes, Ree Sea is a bit rough. I got a lot of experience when i did LOB in Red Sea 2 years ago. Diving there was different from diving in calm waters of Thailand. However, I had more expectations regarding sea life. Reefs were healthy but not so much of fish. I like fishes very much...
  5. Efka76

    What I learned when I lost my camera

    I do not know about current DiveAssure policies but at that time there had to be "diving accident" and proof of it should be report from doctor. Only then you claim would be considered..... also, you are right..... camera might not be considered as dive equipment..... need to read everything...
  6. Efka76

    What I learned when I lost my camera

    Usually home insurance covers things that you bring outside the house (e.g. camera, watch, etc.). In my case insurance did not cover my loss as I my insurance covered only Europe, i.e. I would be compensated my losses if I lost camera in Mediterranean sea. Also, I checked DiveAssure - it...
  7. Efka76

    What I learned when I lost my camera

    I feel your pain. Two years ago I was diving in Brothers islands in Red Sea. At the end of dive when I was boarding RIB, my brand new camera snapped from my wrist mount and sink to sea bottom. Brand new Go Pro with expensive SD card and housing. Sadly I was watching how it sink to the bottom. I...
  8. Efka76

    Taxi hostages and running the gauntlet!

    It is a shame that post author encountered such situation. I think that many divers might reconsider going to Cozumel after reading such report. For ordinary tourist there is no difference who is right or wrong.... tourist just want to reach airport on time. Cab drivers do not have sufficient...
  9. Efka76

    Shearwater now majority owned by private equity firm

    These private equity firms strive to maximise profits and value of the shares. I expect that much more money will be put into marketing, expect price increase and resulting increase of sales. Shearwater was very famous for its customer service, however, I would expect that in this area will be...
  10. Efka76

    Don't know what happened

    @Dody , at 69 dives you are still a rookie. I have more than 100 dives and also have various beginner technical diver certifications, however, I still consider myself as a rookie as well. You get experience when you dive in challenging conditions, e.g. strong currents, bad visibility, big waver...
  11. Efka76

    Fitness and diving

    Other people routines will not help you as people are different and they need specific exercises. E.g. I am 189 cm and weight 115 kg - for me gear weight is not a big deal, I am doing cardio exercises in order to reduce weight and to have more stamina. In your case your body mass is really very...
  12. Efka76

    Thank you for 19 years!!!!

    Christi, I do not know you personally nor I dived with your dive center, however, I wanted to wish you all the best! I hope that pandemic will be over soon and you will be successful with your business / job in US.
  13. Efka76

    Drying a Drysuit

    That's why I bought Seaskin Nova with neoprene socks. Very easy to dry.
  14. Efka76

    Drysuit search

    I would also advice Seaskin (I have it myself). It is made to measure, i have almost all possible options (long torso, Kubi glove system, 2 large pockets, reinforcements everywhere, kevlar kneepads, Trilobyte knife on arm, etc.). I paid £1500 which included trilaminate drysuit, rock boots, Hubi...
  15. Efka76

    It finally happened - my CCR tried to kill me

    @stuartv , thanks for sharing. It was very interesting to read. Your story proved to me once more that CCR diving is definitely not to me. Too complicated, too high risks involved.
  16. Efka76

    How the heck do you take your Kubi gloves off?

    Ha ha ha :) you experienced the same issue as me when I tried my brand new drysuit with Kubi system. The first time I needed my buddy to help me to to put gloves on and off and it took her a lot of effort. Next time I used water based lube and everything worked very well.
  17. Efka76

    Diving watches

    Fully agree regarding Rolex accuracy. My golden Rolex with diamond dial can not compare to Seiko Astron, which is appr. 20x cheaper and in substance is an atomic watch. Unfortunately I am not wearing my Rolex almost one year as due to lockdown I am working from home and do not have opportunity...
  18. Efka76

    Deep 6 wetsuits sold out now what to get?

    I have Seac kamodo. Very comfortable, warm, nice looking wetsuite.
  19. Efka76

    I’ve read it all and still need opinions on computers

    I am using cheap Cressi Newton (costs appr. USD 270). It has nitrox option, ability to transfer divelog through cable. AI integrated computers are usually more expensive. Before buying computer think what functions do you really need. Of course you can buy Shearwater Perdix AI and get the best...
  20. Efka76

    Decent internet in cave country?

    Do you really need 100 Mbs? At home my internet actual speed is appr. 50 Mbps and I have many good quality video calls. Also, all my company's documents are in cloud and have to be accessed via internet. I did not notice any interruptions. If you are not doing video calls maybe you do not need...
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