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  1. carrielsal

    spit vs defog

    Comet and an old toothbrush works a lot better to clean a mask then toothpaste, IMHO. If you have a prescription lenses, check with the manufacturer. Some cannot be cleaned with any type of cleaner with grit.
  2. carrielsal

    Shooting a Bull Shark

    This is true, but it should be investigated. FWC has a site to report violations online. I sent them the link to the video. This just p***es me off.
  3. carrielsal

    Shooting a Bull Shark

    OMG! This is so illegal. I wonder if anyone has reported it. This gives fishermen and speardivers a bad name. The use of powerheads, explosives, chemicals or the discharge of firearms into the water to kill or harvest marine...
  4. carrielsal

    Deflation in the Scuba Market

    I had to make a decision last year. New Suburban or tech classes and equipment to pursue cave training. I'm still driving the old suburban.
  5. carrielsal

    Help me decide

    As a comparison, here is a WOB chart for an Oceanic Alpha 8. See the difference?
  6. carrielsal

    Help me decide

    I love my XTX200's. I own 4. Right now you may not notice a difference between the regs, but as your dive experience grows and you start diving deeper depths, this is where you start seeing the difference in the regs. One of the things you want to look at is WOB (work of breathing). The...
  7. carrielsal

    Almost Certified, where do I dive first? ATX

    Frank...I keep hearing rumors of Paris tunnels. When are you going to tell us about them?
  8. carrielsal

    Defender Badge

    I just looked and I also have the RED X. Loss of network packets to the location where the file is located can cause this issue. Kind of like when someone posts a pic and you get a red X, but you refresh and it's there.
  9. carrielsal

    BP magic

    I have a bag similiar to the one below, but on the front there is a backpack that unzips. If I find I cannot fit my bag into the overhead bin, I just unzip the backpack. I have had to do this several times when I get on the smaller planes. I can fit a ton of gear into it.
  10. carrielsal

    BP magic

    I traveled last month with 3 regs, ss bp/w, a nomad bc, can light, 2 backup lights, jets, drysuit, and more. Most of the heavy stuff such as the regs, lights, and computers go into my carry-on. I have seen that there are weight limits to carry-ons, but I have yet to have anyone want to weight my...
  11. carrielsal

    deal on HP steel?

    I found a set of Faber HP100's that was only a couple years old on craigslist. I paid about half of retail
  12. carrielsal

    deal on HP steel?

    Someone I know recently bought Faber HP steels online at this LDS and said he got a pretty good deal, You may also want to call Wayne at Amigos and see what can of deal he can make,
  13. carrielsal

    Wes Skiles death - July 21, 2010

    I saw a fb post yesterday, but when I googled it I also could not come up with anything.
  14. carrielsal

    Multiple E-mail Notifications for PM's

    from the thread in March. It sounds like they do not know how to fix it. With the lawsuit on his hands, I'm willing that this takes a backseat for netdoc. I think it's just easier for us to disable email notification for now.
  15. carrielsal

    Multiple E-mail Notifications for PM's

    I thought the same thing at first, but I only get duplicates of sb emails. There was a post in the past from one of the mods that explained the issue. I'll see if I can find it.
  16. carrielsal

    #24 and #36 cave line question

    I recently bought a Halcyon primary reel. I've used it only a few times, but I'm pretty happy with it. I have small hands and other reels are just unweldly.
  17. carrielsal

    Multiple E-mail Notifications for PM's

    For months I have been receiving duplicate email notifications. I finally just quit using them. There was another thread a month or two ago where a mod gave an explanation, but it seems the problem has not been resolved.
  18. carrielsal

    Trader ratings

    Is it possible to leave a trader rating if the item was not posted on the classifieds? The deal was negotiated through PM's. I cannot leave trader feedback, because it seems to require a link to a classified ad.
  19. carrielsal

    {Gray Market vs Leisure Pro}

    Yes, it's that time of the month again! :D
  20. carrielsal

    Ambergris Caye Belize - dive of a lifetime

    Did you get the PM I sent you?
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