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  1. scubamurr

    Oil Slick Leap Surprise

    We were there Sept 20-27th no issues.
  2. scubamurr

    Comment by 'scubamurr' in media 'Unknown'

    I snapped this photo on the Hilma Hooker in Bonaire. If anyone knows what it is I would appreciate any information. I have never seen this juvenile before. Thanks
  3. Unknown


    Can anyone help me identify?
  4. scubamurr

    In Bonaire right NOW !!!!

    We will be at Gooode Resort. Just the wife and I. We like being up away from the hustle and bustle, such as it is on Bonaire.....
  5. scubamurr

    In Bonaire right NOW !!!!

    We will also be there on Sat...Can not wait!
  6. scubamurr

    Nekton (Bad News)

    Doug I agree with most things you have stated, we dove together on Nekton.
  7. scubamurr

    Nekton (Bad News)

    I have avoided posting on this thread for as long as I can.........I was a frequent traveler on the Nekton boats. I have heard enough of how great JD was....I agree at one time he was an honorable person, that stopped being the case for how I saw him when I found out that the tips I paid for...
  8. scubamurr

    Pick 1 and Post 2

    wrong thread
  9. scubamurr

    Nekton (Bad News)

    Posting under my husband's log in---with his consent, of course. Our bank recommended that since we paid with a check that we contact the Ft Lauderdale Police and file a report. Just finished doing that and would encourage others to follow suit. Nancy and David in Texas
  10. scubamurr

    Nekton Pilot Aug. 29 - Sept. 5 Northwest Bahamas

    By the way, to the whole group in this thread, do not let the low number of posts fool you......
  11. scubamurr

    Nekton Pilot Aug. 29 - Sept. 5 Northwest Bahamas

    Doug!!!! How was the fishing? Say hello to Donna for me.
  12. scubamurr

    Stories behind usernames...

    Family history: Oldest brother was called Murr (short for Murray our last name) Second brother called LittleMurr Sister called FurrMurr (you figure it out...yes that is why..HAHA) I came along and learned to dive...needed a nickname and came up with ScubaMurr My wife is MurrNancy!
  13. scubamurr

    Regs - which one? Oceanic, Mares....

    Atomic, Atomic, Atomic..... I know everyone says they are too much money...yada yada yada.... It is the best breathing reg I have ever had the pleasure of putting in my mouth. With 500+ dives and the oppourtunity to try pretty much any reg I wanted to(a buddy owned a dive shop) I say...
  14. scubamurr

    Looking for a liveaboard out of Ft. Lauderdale

    So? How was it....We leave on Sat for the Northwest Bahamas aboard the Nekton Pilot.
  15. scubamurr

    Nekton Pilot Sept 17th-24th

    What was the condition of the ship....was it clean, did everything work all week, air conditioning, water for showers...ect..? I would appreciate an update on this due to the fact that the ship has now been in service for 10 years, and the last time we were on it was 2 1/2 years ago!
  16. scubamurr

    Nekton Pilot Sept 17th-24th

    Thanks for the response!! We have been on Nekton 2x we last went in May to Cay Lobos on the Rorqual. We love the Nekton live-a-board experience. We first went on the Pilot in May of '03. I see you have an affinity for "scubatoys" do you live in the DFW metroplex?
  17. scubamurr

    Post Gas Prices near you.

    Flower Mound TX $2.99 Reg Unleaded $3.09 Mid Grade $3.29 Hi Test
  18. scubamurr

    Nekton Pilot Sept 17th-24th

    We are leaving on a Nekton trip the 17th. Is there anyone else on the board that is going on the trip?
  19. scubamurr

    Who has been to Brac?

    I also did my checkout dives there.....who was your instructor?
  20. scubamurr

    Who has been to Brac?

    has anyone heard of a Joe Jackman That works in caymanite Jewelery?
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