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  1. Missdirected

    Happy Birthday GulfCoast Diver

    Happy Birthday GulfCoast Diver! Happy Birthday Buddy! I hope you are doing something good - anything but working. Have a great day :hb2::hugs::partytime:
  2. Missdirected

    Update time?

    Heya chica, It has been a long, long while since anyone has had an update on what goes on with you. Care to share how things are? Always thinkging of you :hugs:
  3. Missdirected

    Keep DEF and Jeanne in your thoughts

    Hey all, Keep DEF and Jeanne in your thoughts please. Jeanne lost her mother last week followed by her father yesterday. Some of you met DEF and Jeannie personally here...
  4. Missdirected

    Happy Birthday IDive

    ScubaBoard - View Profile: I Dive :balloons:Happy Birthday Dave:balloons: To steal a line from Dr. Bill ; Just be thankful, you'll never be as old as me :tongue: .
  5. Missdirected

    Happy Birthday Oceandvr

    ScubaBoard - View Profile: Oceandvr Happy Birthday Nancy! :balloons::partytime::drunks::hb2:
  6. Missdirected

    RIP James D Woodall

    Condolences to the family on the passing of James Woodall. :sadangel:
  7. Missdirected

    7th Annual Saturday After Thanksgiving Turkey Fry - Venice Beach Hope to see all of you there. Last year was a fantastic time! :turkey: .
  8. Missdirected

    GTBA Meet & Greet, Friday November 13, 2009, Joe's Crab Shack

    GTBA Meet & Greet, Friday November 13, 2009, 7:p.m., Joe's Crab Shack: Seafood Restaurant Clearwater | Tampa Crab Restaurant | Joe's Crab Shack Follow the link for directions and to peruse the menu. :) Okay we have never tried this place but I love it. Right off the highway, good prices...
  9. Missdirected

    Happy Birthday DiveBandit/Dave :balloons: Happy Birthday :balloons: :rockband::hb2::rockband: .
  10. Missdirected

    Lost Light @ Spanish Rocks

    A light was lost at Spanish Rocks recently. It is a Princeton ShockWave Triple LED with the Roman numerals "III" written on it. Also lost; spool with safety sausage. If you find either of these items would you please let me know? Thanks bunches. -MD
  11. Missdirected

    Happy Birthday Wardric!

    ScubaBoard - View Profile: wardric Happy Birthday Eric! :homealone: :birthday::drummer::jazzband::rockband::balloons::hb2:
  12. Missdirected

    Winter is coming - whining thread

    Has anyone gotten a water temp this week?
  13. Missdirected

    8th Annual Saturday After Thanksgiving Turkey Fry @ Venice Beach

    Okay, okay! So I've gotten several pm's about this years turkey fry. I plan to have the official thread up within the next week or so. :) I know our FireMen, DiveDiveDiveCFL and Truck1, are already chomping at the bit. For those that don't know, they are our Official Turkey Fryin' Gods...
  14. Missdirected

    Captain Earl, Saturday, October 3rd, HogFish Rock and Turtle Ledge

    Captain Earl out in Hudson has put together a trip for this Saturday, October 3nd, 10:a.m show-time to HogFish Rock and Turtle Ledge. These sites are found in about 50fsw. Cost for the trip is $75. If you are interested give him a shout on 727.271.7087 and let me know so I can post it here as...
  15. Missdirected

    Happy Birthday Brewski

    :drunks: Happy Birthday Brewski. :drunks: :drunks::balloons::hb2::hb2::balloons::drunks: :rockband::jazzband::rockband:
  16. Missdirected

    Happy Birthday Kimber

    :balloons: Happy Birthday Chica! :balloons: :jazzband::hb2::jazzband: :hugs:
  17. Missdirected

    Trip Report for the Sheridan and Blackthorne, Tanks-A-Lot, September 26, 2009

    Saturday morning started out w/ Reef (Jay) picking me up at about 6:15. Thankfully he was good enough to take me straight for coffee. Then we were off to Clearwater to dive with Tanks-A-Lot and Captain Mike (Instructor Mike on SB) and Heidi (heidit1). I don't know what it is with directions...
  18. Missdirected

    Free Diver Dies

    Teen dies after free diving in gulf | | Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater Very sad: Clearwater, Florida -- A teenager died Thursday after encountering distress during a free dive in the Gulf of Mexico, police said. Tyler B. Pillion of Madeira Beach was out with four...
  19. Missdirected

    Sheridan This Saturday the 26th of September

    Okay people this may be one of the last chances to get out to The Sheridan before you need a drysuit.:shocked2: Anywhoozle, Heidi at Tanks-A-Lot had put together a trip for this Saturday which I had planned on diving. :yeahbaby: Everyone knows I just love this dive. However, some people have...
  20. Missdirected

    Ballyhoos Grill, September 24, Meet & Greet

    Thursday, September 24, Meet & Greet, Ballyhoo's on Ehrlich, 6:30:p.m. - 'til 9:30. Ballyhoo Grill Okay we are going to take over the deck at Ballyhoo's. There are umbrellas in case it rains or anything. All the food I've tried here has been great. Most especially the prime rib...
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