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  1. chrispete

    Neutral Buoyancy Lab

    They're still putting up with me at the NBL. The facility is available for industrial & commercial applications but the others pretty much nailed it as far as non-NBL resident divers diving in the pool. Sorry, wish I could say differently.
  2. chrispete

    M.U.D.D. 2016

    Wow! She's grown a bit since the last get-together we made it to. Congrats on getting her certified! We'll be there as well - looks like we'll be tent camping. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  3. chrispete

    M.U.D.D. 2016

    Mid-late May works great for us. CSSP?
  4. chrispete

    An old Texas Swamp Divers T-shirt...

    Melissa and I have been talking about getting our little one out on a camping trip and were even talking about CSSP as a possible destination. Hopefully the group does get back together, we'd love to see everyone and sit once more in the circle of knowledge, it's been too long. The May date...
  5. chrispete

    Teaching in TX mud baths

    Low(er) viz training can be very beneficial for students. It teaches them to swim slowly or else they may not have time to stop before banging their head into a platform/boat/plane, etc. ;) I've enjoyed diving at 288 since we moved back to SE Texas, nice to get back to my Swamp Diver roots.
  6. chrispete

    What is going on with lake 288 in Houston

    Quick 288 report from May 21st.: Temp is upper 70's/low 80's at the surface, mid/low 70's starting at 15' (gradual thermocline.) Viz was good (10-20') above 25', 2-5' below 25'.
  7. chrispete

    Searching for Cressi Frog Plus Spring Straps

    You can also unscrew the pin holding the spring to the buckle and then use the pin to hold them in place on your Cressi buckles. This is how I ended up doing it years ago.
  8. chrispete

    Oceanic Slimline 2 Octopus

    Tapatalk posted as public message...
  9. chrispete

    Changing the recording interval on a Suunto Vyper

    No idea, I still use SDM v1 as I don't like the way they organize dives in the newer versions.
  10. chrispete

    Changing the recording interval on a Suunto Vyper

    The setting is in the Suunto dive manager PC software. You then sync the change to the dive computer via USB. My guess is that they figure if you don't have a download cable you're not going to be concerned with the sample interval.
  11. chrispete

    Lobster snare as carry-on luggage?

    Good to know. Thanks for the follow-up.
  12. chrispete

    Lobster snare as carry-on luggage?

    You may want to check, but when we lived in the Keys we were under the impression that it was illegal to snare lobster. You had to use a tickle stick & net.
  13. chrispete

    Buying a boat and looking for help on sites!

    I'm originally from Beaumont and have dove offshore there. You'll get decent viz at 20 miles on a good day. You're looking at more like 30-40 miles realistically. The Gulf is an unpredictable animal. I've been in glass smooth conditions that deteriorated to 5-7' seas with water spouts in...
  14. chrispete

    Complete doubles tek setup; halcyon; atomic, scubapro; oceanic; dive rite

    If you decide to part out the scuba equipment you're selling, I'd be interested in the Atomic Z2. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  15. chrispete

    When PADI doesn't recognize PADI

    It's a free country. He's welcome to run his business as he sees fit; you're welcome to laugh and walk the other way.
  16. chrispete

    Dive Condition Reports

    4/29/2014 288 Lake, Houston Surface temp mid 70's, mid 60's @ 20' Viz: 20+
  17. chrispete

    Active diver re-certification

    Eh, it depends. On its face it sounds like a couple of people have a great thing going and are getting a couple of free spots on trips by having a guaranteed group going with them. If however they are using these "re-certs" to negotiate for better trips for members: better dives sites, waiving...
  18. chrispete

    Spring Lake will reopen for weekend diving on May 1

    Any idea how they're going to restart the program (i.e. getting currency back, etc?)
  19. chrispete

    SiTech Seal Upgrades worth the price?

    There are two different SiTech "quick-replace" wrist setups. The round one is a hard round ring and can be a bit of a pain, but the upside is that you can hook smurf gloves to it easily. The oval one is softer and more compact (more comfortable.) The SiTech neck ring is awesome, I've actually...
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