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  1. Sas

    No Fly Times

    I know the standard no fly time recommended is about 24hours, though have read some threads in the past by people who say this is too conservative a time frame as well as some studies posted but cannot locate at the moment. For example, I found this website...
  2. Sas

    Mexico + Florida June 2011

    I got Cave certified in April last year and have been diving solely in Mt Gambier, South Australia. However, after reading lots of trip reports and seeing Youtube videos of Mexico cave diving I decided I had to go check it out. Given it’s quite a lot of travel effort to go to Mexico I...
  3. Sas

    Visual Jumps

    I was cave diving in Florida recently, and got into a lot of discussions with some other divers there about visual jumps. My training was continuous guideline to the surface and that is what I do, and will continue to do in future on every cave dive. However, some others that I met were quite...
  4. Sas

    Looking for dive buddies 28th/29th or 30th June near SF

    Hi I'm visiting SF for a few days and wondering if anyone is free to dive in the next few days? I'm staying in San Mateo but have transport so anywhere in the general vicinity is good. Don't mind shore or boat dives and have my own gear though would need to hire tanks and weight. Cheers :)
  5. Sas

    Rebreather hygiene question

    Ok this might be a weird/silly question but I have been wanting to do a rebreather try day in a pool (they come up now and then), just for something fun to try out (don't have any plans to buy one). However, how does it work when you are swapping the rebreather between people hygiene wise? I...
  6. Sas

    Uwatec Aladin Tec2g Issues

    I have a Tec2g that I've had for a couple of years. Recently after a dive it stopped working. It was fine after the dive as I checked some details on it after the dive but when I got home I noticed it wouldn't turn on anymore. I presumed it was the battery so I changed that and it will beep at...
  7. Sas

    Miflex HP failure (again!)

    At the start of the year I had a 24" Miflex HP hose blow up (about five minutes after it had been pressurised and after about 60 dives): I got a replacement from Miflex free, and as I was one of the first to have problems I thought maybe I just got unlucky and decided to stick with them...
  8. Sas


    Well after diving on the weekend one of my fingers swelled up, got these red marks and was very sore to touch. I dived again on Tuesday and it got more puffy and swollen. Anyway, I went to get it checked out and have chilblains... I guess it is from doing long dives (70-100mins) in coldish water...
  9. Sas

    Monthly Themes

    Is it possible to start them up again? Thanks! :)
  10. Sas

    Aussie Diving May 2010

    Well haven't had one of these threads for a while so I figured I'd make one for May for people to post their stories :) In Melbourne the water is getting colder and is now down to 13-14C in the North but still 16 outside the heads or south in the bay... So got back in my drysuit at the start of...
  11. Sas

    Aussie Diving 1 to 15 April, 2010

    Hey so who got some dives in over the Easter break? I did four over the weekend. First was a drift dive on Friday. Was supposed to be a wall dive but the boat was delayed because of an incident and we missed slack. The current was crazy strong and we all got swept off the line and one point...
  12. Sas

    Valve leak

    Hi I was diving tonight and noticed that my right post valve is leaking from around the rubber knob. It seems to be leaking from the screw at the end of the valve as you look into the rubber knob thing. How do I fix this? This screw seems loose compared to the left post so I tightened it, it...
  13. Sas

    How delicate are manifolds?

    I have a set of manifolded twin 12s that I've had for about a month. A few people have told me never to lift it by the manifold as it can damage it and a few more people have told me they've been lifting their twins by the manifold since the dawn of time with no issues. So given it is much...
  14. Sas

    Drysuit seals

    I just was wondering how long drysuit seals last for on average? Both latex and neoprene. I have neoprene seals, they look almost as good as new after 100+ dives. But wondering how much longer I can expect to get out of them. And also just interested in how long latex seals last for as I...
  15. Sas

    Aussie Diving 1st Feb to 15th Feb

    Hey, new thread is a bit late! Anyway, I wrote up a trip report for my trip to Mt Gambier last weekend so here it is :) Left early from work on Friday to head up to Mt Gambier for my first post-course cavern diving. There are two ways to get there so me and my buddy each went one different...
  16. Sas

    Aussie Diving 15th to 31st January 2010

    I did two dives this weekend, both much better than expected given the weather. :) Our boat dive got cancelled though :( Firstly we did the Ozone/Dominion wrecks, and spent over two hours exploring them. I was trying out my new doubles as everything has arrived. I must say twin 12s are...
  17. Sas

    Aussie Diving 16 - 30 December

    Well I've gotten out for some dives lately and I HAVE A CAMERA!!!! Last weekend on Saturday I got to dive with Underwater Ogre again (and burna and a few other buddies) and I had a great time. We first snorkelled with the seals which was ok... (somehow we ended up on a boat full of...
  18. Sas

    Aussie Diving 1 to 15 December

    I got out for a night dive tonight and it was AWESOME. Primarily as my buddy survived an attempted eating by a 2m stingray... but I'll get to that later. Anyway, me, + two buddies got to Mornington about 8pm. Michael + I were mainly there to practice some skills for cavern, which I start in...
  19. Sas

    P&S Camera recommendations

    Hi My old camera has died :( (Sony P93) so I am looking to get a new one. I don't know a lot about photography and cameras but the things I want in my new camera are fast lens, wide angle, good macro, good in low light (as I do a lot of night diving), manual settings, and HD video (though...
  20. Sas

    SSI AOW + Master Diver questions

    Hi Just a few questions on behalf of a buddy: -Does Equipment Techniques count towards Master Diver and AOW certification? -If a store has not sent away records of one's certifications to SSI for over a year (i.e. towards AOW + Master Diver), what is the best course of action to deal...
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