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  1. diverdowndude

    UA Rescue Class Grads May 21 Rawlings

    Congratulations to the three Underwater Adventures Rescue Divers Students that graduated this weekend at Lake Rawlings. Matt, Doug, and John-Michael are now Certified Rescue Divers. Thank you Underwater Adventures and the staff Jim and Matt for hosting the class. I certainly enjoyed...
  2. diverdowndude

    Lake Rawlings

    May 23, 11 We just got home from Rawlings, the surface was 72F with a thermocline at 31' at 68F and another at 44' at 52F using a Shearwater Predator
  3. diverdowndude

    Who are the new owners of poseidon?

    I spoke to them this morning. Poseidon remains under the same Swiss ownership as it has. They have opened a U.S. branch in TX given the large U.S. demand for the Discovery Mark VI
  4. diverdowndude

    Poseiden Discovery Days

    We were out at Lake Rawlings this weekend for the Poseidon Discovery Mark VI RB intro, what a hoot :p) Poseidon has gone all out on the recreational Mark VI ! It is simple to set up and operate and fun to dive. google Poseidon Discovery days to see where they are headed next just might be...
  5. diverdowndude

    Java: Journalist dies during diving test

    First: My condolences to his family and friends Second: Not to hijack the thread; There are different types of Asthma, I consulted DAN many years ago about my then fifteen year old son being able to dive with asthma, I was directed to a commercial Dive Physician that did a work up on my son...
  6. diverdowndude

    Need Nitrox Diver Opinions: O2 Compensation Chart

    Plus two on why fix what ain't broken :D
  7. diverdowndude

    1st Dive at Clark Hill Lake in Augusta GA.

    Congratulations on your first planned shore dive as certified divers...That's what diving is all about... go places have fun... meet people. Don't forget to write in your log book so you will have a reference for future dives in similar conditions as well as a logged dive for future training...
  8. diverdowndude

    Air testing personal SCUBA compressors

    A group of us went diving on Wednesday and the topic came up about compressor air testing during the surface interval. I thought I would post this on the board for curiosity sake. If you are using a personal Scuba compressor are you having your air tested? Who do you use for testing and how...
  9. diverdowndude

    computer or no computer?

    I learned to dive before there were SPG's let alone computers or Dive Planning software available. I have had several computers in the last twenty years. the technology just gets better and better... BUT always have a back up timer or some other means of keeping track of your dive "just in...
  10. diverdowndude

    Newbie Q & A Haskel AGT-7/15

    Ray over at American said to say Thanks for the referral, he has all the goodies that I need and then some. got a kick out of your website and pics Are you running a bypass from the gas supply to the discharge side of your booster or are you equalizing the fill tank through the haskel...
  11. diverdowndude

    Newbie Q & A Haskel AGT-7/15

    Dannobee: I see you overhauled your Haskel. Did you need any special tools for the project? I am keeping everthing O2 clean just incase, most of our mixes use EAN-25 or less with 1400-1800psi of HE. We have another OW diver in the family- won't be long before he's looking for his Nitrox...
  12. diverdowndude

    Newbie Q & A Haskel AGT-7/15

    I just bought my first booster she's a 1995 Haskel AGT-7/15 to add to our collection of hardware. searching the threads I can't seem to find out all that much about the 7/15 other than it is supposed to be great for boosting gases in the 1500 to 2200psi range. From what I'm reading in the...
  13. diverdowndude

    V-Planner Lost key while upgrading

    Thank's for the help, she's back up and running i had to use a new key on the old operating system which doesn't exactly make me a happy camper, but what can you do?? Thanks again; Douglas
  14. diverdowndude

    V-Planner Lost key while upgrading

    Has anyone had problems with the latest V-Planner update on a 64bit computer operating with Windows 7. The upgrade wiped out my access key when updating, if anyone knows how to retrieve the key any help would be appreciated Douglas
  15. diverdowndude

    Delayed email response TDI email link? contact info?

    Questions were raised about this thread in the Dive Shop Richmond this afternoon that raised concerns. I want to thank Steve Lewis (TDI) and Jim McNeal for the prompt service and excellent training. Thanks to Scuba Board we have a place where we can talk to the training agency's and...
  16. diverdowndude

    Triplex P0 Safety Valve broken..

    Mark is a Bauer tech the correct name/link: he helped me locate parts for my outdated and long gone form the shelves Bauer water oil seperator....
  17. diverdowndude

    Triplex P0 Safety Valve broken..

    Thanks for the info on the motor and starter in the other thread-mine are on the way. You may want to give Mark a call @ bauer (757)855-6006 or He has been able to point me in the right direction for repair parts for my Mariner E
  18. diverdowndude

    identify Bauer compressor and help?

    Happy Anniversary to you two. congratulations the compressor is looking good. Which motor starter did you finally go with?? may I ask where you got the filter tower from??
  19. diverdowndude

    I need Help w Bauer VM-E3 compressor

    FYR-GUY- Craig recommended contacting Bauer directly too, as I am about an hour away from their facility which I did. Mark and Bob (Bauer)jumped right in supplied the operating manual for the Mariner E and are providing single phase conversion instructions for me, as you both suggested they are...
  20. diverdowndude

    I need Help w Bauer VM-E3 compressor

    Fyr-Guy: Look's like three of us are all in middle of switching to single phase. My compressor arrived this morning It is a Mariner 1 as Craig suggested. I bought it "sight unseen, as is, where is" from a liquidation shop in Ohio and had her shipped to me. It didn't come with any records and...
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