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  1. gds1278

    CocoView suggestions?

    I should have asked Scubaboard this before now, but better late than never: We're headed to CocoView on Saturday for a week of diving. Are there any dive sites we shouldn't miss? I see they offer "all day and remote" trips...are those worth the extra cost? Any other suggestions or ideas are...
  2. gds1278

    DFW to Roatan

    If anyone is interested: DFW to Coxen Hole is currently in the low to mid-$500 range starting in January and going well into 2021 on AA; about half or less than normal. We're booked for Feb 20-27 at Coco View.
  3. gds1278


    We usually take a short trip to Cozumel in November. It comprises of five days on the island with three days of diving, with three or four dives per day. Since SW is flying into Belize City for about the same price as Cancun, I was wondering if a trip of that time frame and dive schedule is...
  4. gds1278

    Want to Buy D80 housing

    I'm looking for a housing for my old D80. The brand isn't really that important as long as it's watertight, and not too expensive. Thanks in advance.
  5. gds1278

    Dallas Police

    I hope this is appropriate to post on Scubaboard but here it goes...If anyone would like to help with the aftermath of the tragedy that occurred last night, here are a two foundations that have been helping police officers and firefighters for years: Donate | Russ Martin Show and Home -...
  6. gds1278

    Flower Gardens this weekend

    This is short notice but the Fling has a trip scheduled for the Flower Gardens leaving Friday evening and they're short six divers right now. The weather is supposed to be very nice with 2-3 ft seas. The trip report from last weekend said they saw hammerheads, a tiger shark and eagle rays...
  7. gds1278

    North Texas diving anyone?

    Is anyone up for a couple of local dives on the occasional Monday? I'd like to get out a time or two before it gets too cold and start back up in the spring.
  8. gds1278

    San Jose del Cabo trip

    My wife and I are headed to our first trip to Cabo mid-May. We are booked to dive with East Cape Explorers for at least one day (Lars seems to be very accommodating and open about reservations.) It looks like we picked one of the least hospitable times of the year to visit but it's already...
  9. gds1278

    Conshelf SE2

    One 1st and 2nd stage Conshelf SE2 in original box and never used. I'll take $150 shipping included for it.
  10. gds1278


    Card came in the mail this week.
  11. gds1278

    Nassau cruise ship question...

    The wife, daughter and I will port in Nassau in June and they're going to do one of the ship activities so I'm wanting to try to get a couple of dives in as I've never been to the Bahamas. Stuart Cove's caters to cruise passengers and they have a 7:45am pick up time. Has anyone ever taken that...
  12. gds1278

    Regs for sale

    I have a US Divers Aqua Lung Conshelf SEA 2 1st and 2nd stage in the original box. It has never been in the water or on a tank. Also an Oceanic SP5 1st stage, an Alpha 7 second with a Tusa octo and an LP hose. The purge button on the 2nd stage is cracked but looks like an easy replacement and...
  13. gds1278

    Older regs and gauges

    I bought the following regs and gauges in a lot to get one item. All need service and I'm not familiar with a couple of the brands. They might be good for someone needing cheap gear for pool work or for a DIYer needing practice. US Divers 1st stage w/ US Divers and Aqua Force octos and...
  14. gds1278

    Mares, Tusa and SeacSub Fins for Sale

    Mares Quatro, M (marked Regular), yellow with black trim: $60+shipping Tusa Liberator, S, white: $25+shipping SeacSub, M/L, Black with spring straps: $75+shipping All fins are scuffed from use but in otherwise good shape.
  15. gds1278

    Count down

    I'll be in Coz in less than three weeks. Nothing more...just like the way it sounds.:D
  16. gds1278


    I love that feeling when you book a dive trip. We're headed down in November for a four day trip.
  17. gds1278

    Lake Travis-9/11

    I'll be in the Austin area on Sept 10-12 and was hoping to get a couple of dives in at Lake Travis with my sister. I talked to Robert from Lake Travis Scuba and he said he might get the boat out on Tuesday the 11th if there was enough interest. If anyone wants to join us, give him a call.
  18. gds1278

    Flower Gardens trip

    I've signed up for a three day FGs trip with Caribbean Dive Shop out of Metairie, LA, July 30-Aug 1. I'm just putting out a feeler to see if anyone from DFW might be interested in the trip and in carpooling to Freeport with me. If so, I'd love to hear from you.
  19. gds1278


    Does anyone know where I can find Sealife DC1000 cameras for sale? I flooded one and just need to buy the camera itself. I've checked Ebay and Amazon and was hoping someone would know of other sources. Thanks
  20. gds1278

    Sealife DC1000 camera only

    I flooded my brother's camera on a trip and need to replace it. if anyone knows where I can find the cameras for sale by themselves, please let me know.
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