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  1. beanojones

    Damaged dive mask

    I keep telling people that, and no one tries it! OP, remember a nose pinch is always legal! Unfortunately no mask swimming/breathing is just one of those things people don't really practice much, even in the Open Water course. And in my experience, it is the number one reason for...
  2. beanojones

    Atomic Fin Sizing

    The sizing also seems different between their split fins, and their blade fins, though I may have just found what oldbear did, that they changed their sizing at some point.
  3. beanojones

    Source for SPG spools?

    Gack! $9.00 for the swivel? At that point, someone has to be selling a thin plastic face brass gauge cheap enough to swap to that gauge, right? But I cannot find the sort of dirt cheap metric gauge I want for rental. I really want a brass and plastic thin metric gauge for $35.00.
  4. beanojones

    Source for SPG spools?

    Just as a point, there are a couple glass gauge and hose combos that don't work with the DGE ones. (and on the other hand I have gotten them to work with some larger plastic gauges, that used to have the straight spool.) I imagine that some combos of hose and glass SPG are just expecting the...
  5. For sale items

    For sale items

    For sale items
  6. beanojones

    Inappropriate moderator behavior?

    This post, and the two first replies, have been moved from the thread "Expelled PADI instructor?". To avoid undue suspicion about suppressing relevant criticism, we have decided to allow this discussion, however in the appropriate forum. The posts have also been edited for language and direct...
  7. beanojones

    Expelled PADI instructor?

    You do not know any independent CDs. You may know CDs that are not shop employees but they are still required to run their IDCs through 5 Star stores. This is hardly independent. A course director who needs to keep a shop open so they have a place to run their IDCs through is not independent, by...
  8. beanojones

    Expelled PADI instructor?

    (Side note: I really wish you would learn that constantly talking down to people is to no good effect. And this is leaving aside that you have simply no grounds on which to talk down to me, in particular. You are significantly less experienced than I am both in years and dives, have fewer...
  9. beanojones

    Expelled PADI instructor?

    Originally Posted by OldNSalty We're issuing work visas for SCUBA instructors? Yes and it results in exactly what you think it might result in. Local 5 star PADI IDC center has h2 workers. They get to teach OW in 1.5 hours in the water day one, and 1.0 hours in the water day two, and they...
  10. beanojones

    Expelled PADI instructor?

    PADI has consistently and gradually made changes in the power structure both within their organization, and the representation of the organization in the industry that make those ideas less and less true. Though I certainly wish what you said there were true, in practice, it is far from how...
  11. beanojones

    Expelled PADI instructor?

    How many people do you know who have been involved in a QA, been suspended, or been expelled? Frankly if you don't need PADI, and some people's business models don't, it's just not worth it to deal with their QA 'system.' It's a huge time suck, and is completely arbitrary, with the usual...
  12. beanojones

    Expelled PADI instructor?

    I wonder how many people who know expelled instructors are on the annual 200/300 lists, or know people on both lists. I know people in those lists every year, and I know people on the expelled/suspended lists every year. Hell, I taught at a place where as I discovered later one third of the 25...
  13. beanojones

    DIN Retainer stuck...and i mean really stuck !

    Of course, there are differences between having to get it done, and having time, but The inpact wrenches (especially the hand held, battery powered ones with adjustable torque settings) are going to do way less damage than repeated hand tool attacks, because they are leveraging the vibration...
  14. beanojones

    DIN Retainer stuck...and i mean really stuck !

    Something too few people seem to try is impact tools. Almost all the fiddling with heat and whatnot is no replacement for an impact wrench, as any mechanic will tell you. Once I listened to a mechanic who was laughing at how much work I was putting into taking apart seawater welded pieces by...
  15. beanojones

    Regulators Depth Limitations

    Deco reg should be simple unbalanced piston, or a swiveling barrel design, and should be DIN. You probably want to keep them somewhere away from other stuff. Don't try and make a main reg in to a deco reg. They are different things.
  16. beanojones

    Survey Results: Student Preparedness & Satisfaction Following Pool/Confined Water

    To RJP: Here's what my basic problem with dive instruction frequently comes down to (and you actually showed your bias in this respect in the phrasing of the question, as it turns out). And as an important side note: How in the world can anyone who is interested in training people to become...
  17. beanojones

    Techflex vs Miflex

    The braided hoses are much lighter. They are, thus, floaty since they take up the same volume. The long ones do have a memory effect but they do remember the usual position so over time the memory effect seems less over time. (But that's with diving every day all the time). Braided hoses are...
  18. beanojones

    Survey Results: Student Preparedness & Satisfaction Following Pool/Confined Water

    You have described the original rationale for paring down the original PADI OW course into a course whose water work can be completed in a weekend (in an ideal "no transportation time and no thermal issues" area). This pared down course is in fact what almost all the agencies have realigned...
  19. beanojones

    Upside down regulator - how wet?

    The best regs for upside down are the reg with side exhaust because the exhaust valve is not lower than mouthpiece right side up or upside down. Supposedly the plastic bar that pushes against the exhaust valve's oreientation matters but I have never noticed a difference. My mask leaks when I...
  20. beanojones

    Flag v SMB

    Thanks for the tip. If they are using a premade one, and you can find the brand, I would love to know about it. I could use a bunch of them. Yeah, to be honest, you Florida folks have it tough, having to drag a flag throughout a dive. I would hate having to do that. I would probably just quit...
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