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  1. azhar

    Confessions of a Deep Sea Diver

    Came across one of this article............Is it true?
  2. azhar

    Diving In Jeddah (KSA)

    Anyone knows of any dive operator in Jeddah. I m flying to Kingdom for 20 days in Feb 2015 and want to dive in Red Sea. I have tried contacting Desert Sea Divers and Nautilus via e-mail and phone but no response. Anyone knows their valid contact details or would like to recommend any other dive...
  3. azhar

    Navigating Via GPS

    I got a question which may sound very basic or silly but here it goes....I got point fix coordinates to a dive site, usually a GPS is accurate within +/-20m. I get to the spot, I am 80ft above the target and the boat drifts ... Anchor requires time to sink ... And visibility down there is...
  4. azhar

    Dive Shop Financials

    Hi, Not sure if this post should be here but here it goes. I m starting out with dive shop in Pakistan. I want some of dive shop owners advise on managing dive shop finances like In calculating dive cost what is your break up? What elements you account for besides shop rent, utilities bill...
  5. azhar

    Which Knot for SMB?

    Hi, I need some help regarding which knot to use while rigging my SMB? I m using XS scuba SMB with finger spool. Regard's
  6. azhar

    What divers eat and drink during long immersion dives?

    What divers eat and drink and how do they do it during long immersion / long duration deco to maintain energy levels? Love to hear personal accounts from people who have actually done it. Just curious Regard's M.Azhar
  7. azhar

    Descent Rate Limitation of 75 ft/min

    Curious to why is descent rate limited to 75ft/min max in US Navy and NOAA manuals? What is the physics involved behind this (besides equalization)? What will happen in case of rapid descent? Regard's Azhar
  8. azhar

    Doubles vs Sidemount

    We all know that doubles are tried and tested DIR setup. However side mounts are gaining popularity for it's flexibility, better trim adjustments and better visibility of regs etc etc. So what people out there think about side mounts? are they gonna replace doubles? Will there be any standard...
  9. azhar

    Dry suit for both Tropical and Cold water Dives

    Hi all, I am looking for a dry suit that I can use in tropical waters and on some occasions add on to it for use in cold water. I have been looking at the DUI 30/30 Explorer and Fusion. What other dry suits would work for me? I don't want to be over heated at surface intervals in "tropical...
  10. azhar

    Getting Started on CCR...Road map to CCR+OC or CCR?

    Dear All, I was advised by an instructor that if I wish to go beyond 50mtrs then it is better to move to CCR and drop OC. His main concern was saving on gas. However I came to know that CCR per dive cost is also expensive but compensate in extended bottom time. kindly comment if this is true or...
  11. azhar

    How to Master Buoyancy?

    Hi..I am new OWD and bought a MARES Pegasus back inflation BCD. The problem is that I get depth variation of 1 to 1.5 meters on breathing cycle. I want to perfectly stay stationary and hover with variation of only few inches max. I rent out tanks and a friend of mine says that I need to buy my...
  12. azhar

    Hello from Karachi, Pakistan

    Hi all...I am from Karachi, Pakistan and new to forum. Currently I am PADI OWD with high ambitions and hunger for perfection, hoping to get get lots of advice, tips and tricks from pro/experienced divers which is not covered by PADI. :)
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