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  1. pixelpixie

    Putting the wetsuit & BCD in mothballs

    No, not really, but with a foot of snow Saturday, I figure diving season is over for me for this year unless I can escape to somewhere warm. So I was wondering what the SOP or your best/tried & true tips are to store gear for several months?
  2. pixelpixie

    Death comes too early

    She wasn't a diver, but she was my office admin. She sat at the front desk and greeted people. She ran the show behind the scenes, as most admins do. She laughed with us, she confided. Then yesterday, a gunman walked into my real estate office where I'm an agent and shot and killed her...
  3. pixelpixie


    I was on a nice easy dive, fresh water, suddenly my head was spinning. Wasn't all that deep, maybe 60' but nothing in sight, just open water. I'm guessing that was the problem- no frame of reference. I surfaced and went back down but while the worst part had passed, I was not feeling "right"...
  4. pixelpixie

    NEW XS Scuba Lift Bag 50#

    Never used. $45.00 50 Pounds of positive lift Rolls up to compact size Velcro closure Heavy-duty, PVC material
  5. pixelpixie

    TUSA X-Pert Zoom - NEW

    TUSA X-Pert Zoom - NEW $100.00 I bought these split fins when new to diving but never did get to use them! Oh well. They retail between $99.00 - $175.00 Runs large. The sizing chart says this fits a man size 7 or woman size 8. TUSA X-pert Zoom Fins employ Nature's Wing's split fin...
  6. pixelpixie

    ScubaPro Jet Fins w NEW Halcyon Spring Straps - Like New

    These fins are indestructibly incredible! AND...They have NEW, NEVER-USED HALCYON SPRING STRAPS- $150.00 SCUBAPRO Jet Fins have a long and celebrated history of performance. · Proven vented design decreases drag on the upstroke and enhances thrust on the downstroke Blade type: Paddle...
  7. pixelpixie

    anyone know the whereabouts of

    a worthington X5 Pony 30? :dontknow: Can't find a distributor (preferably a reasonably-priced one) anywhere. Thx!
  8. pixelpixie

    Pinnacle 5mm Womens M/L Merino-Lined YOUNG wetsuit

    I've owned this wetsuit for only one year, maybe a dozen dives, did only fresh-water dives with it and meticulously rinsed/washed it after every dive. I no longer take baths in my tub, my equipment does! Stored in a/c, non-smoking house, away from sunlight. The only reason I'm selling this is...
  9. pixelpixie

    How Close are you to your buddy?

    I read lots of material about diving with a buddy and see buddies who feel it perfectly ok to wander apart. I even had a DM do that with me....basically, we'll all just swarm around. With other divers entering the area, I had already started to do my one-minute look around before ascent. I...
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