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  1. gds1278

    CocoView suggestions?

    Thanks again @Doc, @tridacna, and @KevinG58!
  2. gds1278

    CocoView suggestions?

    Doc, Wow! Thank you for all the information. We'll look into the day trips when we get there; we should at least try one. The plan at this point is to dive, dive, and dive some more. My wife is good for 3-4 a day, but mostly she leaves the night diving to me. I'll get a few in with or without...
  3. gds1278

    CocoView suggestions?

    I don't know anything about them. I was hoping someone here would have some insight.
  4. gds1278

    CocoView suggestions?

    I should have asked Scubaboard this before now, but better late than never: We're headed to CocoView on Saturday for a week of diving. Are there any dive sites we shouldn't miss? I see they offer "all day and remote" trips...are those worth the extra cost? Any other suggestions or ideas are...
  5. gds1278

    Tucker Tower Lake Murray

    Lewis, Let me know the next time you plan on going to Murray. I'm up for exploring a bit. Gary
  6. gds1278

    DFW to Roatan

    If anyone is interested: DFW to Coxen Hole is currently in the low to mid-$500 range starting in January and going well into 2021 on AA; about half or less than normal. We're booked for Feb 20-27 at Coco View.
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    Expect a norte Saturday

    It’s hitting Dallas now. We’re in Coz Wednesday through Sunday hoping for the best.
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    We usually take a short trip to Cozumel in November. It comprises of five days on the island with three days of diving, with three or four dives per day. Since SW is flying into Belize City for about the same price as Cancun, I was wondering if a trip of that time frame and dive schedule is...
  9. gds1278

    Windy Point

    If I recall correctly, it's a per-carload fee. There is a picnic area but the beach/dive area is a little hike down to the water. The website says swimming is allowed. Travis County Parks - Mansfield Dam Park
  10. gds1278

    Windy Point

    Go to Mansfield Dam. If someone is there to charge you it’s a lot cheaper than Windy Point. The viz always seems better also.
  11. gds1278

    Cabo Pulmo worth the drive & $$ ?

    Absolutely worth the drive. We were underwhelmed by the diving off of San Jose (Corridor and Gordo Banks). Cabo Pulmo is many times better and I've meant to go back for a longer trip ever since.
  12. gds1278

    Want to Buy D80 housing

    I'm looking for a housing for my old D80. The brand isn't really that important as long as it's watertight, and not too expensive. Thanks in advance.
  13. gds1278

    Dallas Police

    I hope this is appropriate to post on Scubaboard but here it goes...If anyone would like to help with the aftermath of the tragedy that occurred last night, here are a two foundations that have been helping police officers and firefighters for years: Donate | Russ Martin Show and Home -...
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    Flower Gardens this weekend

    This is short notice but the Fling has a trip scheduled for the Flower Gardens leaving Friday evening and they're short six divers right now. The weather is supposed to be very nice with 2-3 ft seas. The trip report from last weekend said they saw hammerheads, a tiger shark and eagle rays...
  15. gds1278

    Buying wetsuits on cozumel/playa

    If you're live aboard is floating out of San Jose del Cabo, try to get in touch with East Cape Explorers to see if you can rent or buy a wet suit from them. They have 5 mils for rent and were very accommodating when I dove with them.
  16. gds1278

    Unusual spotted eagle ray behaviour

    On a solo dive at the Flower Gardens back in August, (in the Gulf of Mexico for those not familiar) I had an eagle ray approach me at about 90 feet at the top of the wall. It turned back when it saw me so I got negative and knelt down in a sandy patch and waited. Sure enough, it came back and...
  17. gds1278

    Travel and solo diving - where shall we go???

    Fling Charters out of Freeport, TX does two day/seven dive and three day/eleven dive trips that visit the Flower Gardens Banks. They allow solo diving with the card and proper gear. I don't know how you'd feel about going all that way for a short trip but the diving is very good.
  18. gds1278

    Thoughts for a first-time dive trip to Baja

    If you're going to travel anywhere from La Paz to dive, go to Cabo Pulmo. The marine life is awesome in the preserve. On two dives we saw green morays, massive schools of jacks and tuna, big groupers and bull sharks. They're like any other protected marine area in that they want you to be...
  19. gds1278

    North Texas diving anyone?

    I've never been to Texoma but I'd be up for trying it sometime. I've only been to Murray once but I'd like to dive it more. It seemed just as good as any of the scuba parks without out the $20 gate fee. It looks like the weather is finally going to turn on us so I don't know how much diving I...
  20. gds1278

    North Texas diving anyone?

    John has a point..I'm not sure if any of the parks will be open. I was thinking maybe going up to Lake Murray.
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