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  1. azhar

    Confessions of a Deep Sea Diver

    Came across one of this article............Is it true?
  2. azhar

    Diving In Jeddah (KSA)

    Aziz I m travelling for Umrah. Will try to squeeze as much of diving as I can in 2 days! :) ---------- Post added January 26th, 2015 at 09:42 PM ---------- Noted and Thanks for the info. I will be staying at friends place in Jeddah.
  3. azhar

    Diving In Jeddah (KSA)

    Anyone knows of any dive operator in Jeddah. I m flying to Kingdom for 20 days in Feb 2015 and want to dive in Red Sea. I have tried contacting Desert Sea Divers and Nautilus via e-mail and phone but no response. Anyone knows their valid contact details or would like to recommend any other dive...
  4. azhar

    I wanna do it all

    You remind of my early days. I was like this too, wanting to do all. Although I m not a tech yet and just an average recreational diver, but I m lucky to have a great mentor. As I was and still being told "slow and steady wins the race". So to begin with you need to have some skill sets which...
  5. azhar

    Navigating Via GPS

    Thank you all for your feedback. Feel much confident that I will find it on next dive!
  6. azhar

    Navigating Via GPS

    Can you recommend any website or detailed reading material on this technique? I want to find out how to hit small targets in deep water using only GPS coordinates!
  7. azhar

    Navigating Via GPS

    I got a question which may sound very basic or silly but here it goes....I got point fix coordinates to a dive site, usually a GPS is accurate within +/-20m. I get to the spot, I am 80ft above the target and the boat drifts ... Anchor requires time to sink ... And visibility down there is...
  8. azhar

    Recommended Books

    The Six Skills and Other Discussion by Steve Lewis Staying Alive: Applying Risk Management to Advanced Diving by Steve Lewis Both are amazing books
  9. azhar

    Aesthetics in a dive shop?

    Thx are more then welcome to dive with us when you are Karachi. We just started out this season, currently no major manufacturer distributorship is held. Just our own gear inventory for students training use and some basic stuff like mask, snorkel etc for sale. Our priority is quality...
  10. azhar

    Aesthetics in a dive shop?

    Dive shop I m associated with in Karachi.
  11. azhar

    Full on, and a little off

    The article above is "cave diver harry's" own argument ... not an industry norm .....Not quarter but slight final twist is fine ... prevents valve from jamming... if the needle fluctuates while breathing, it could be multiple reasons ... valve closed or blocked ... reg filter blocked ... reg...
  12. azhar

    Dive Shop Financials

    Very tragic but sad thing is that this is reality in Karachi. If only law enforcement can be improved in city a lot can get better. Hoping for best in future though and looking forward to diving with you when it does :) Noted..good point on depreciation methodology, need to consult on that...
  13. azhar

    Dive Shop Financials

    Dennis your concern is valid, however as Lorenzoid pointed out there is not much competition, the number of dive operators are limited few, operating on 2-3 limited sites. We are in operation since last 4 months, certified 30-40 divers ranging from OWD, AOWD and 3 DM. In begining our focus was...
  14. azhar

    Dive Shop Financials

    Hi, Not sure if this post should be here but here it goes. I m starting out with dive shop in Pakistan. I want some of dive shop owners advise on managing dive shop finances like In calculating dive cost what is your break up? What elements you account for besides shop rent, utilities bill...
  15. azhar

    Innovation in diving

    What you all guys are arguing about? It was a plain dumb decision of getting in OH environment without redundancy. Drills and emergency procedures are NOT an excuse for one to enter an OH environment without them. But hey even certified cave divers once in while get consumed by their experience...
  16. azhar

    Why aren't more people taking up scuba diving?

    Lol...reminds me of LDS owner in Karachi, Pakistan. I came to the point of quitting on diving. Luckily I came across a great mentor! :)
  17. azhar

    Deaths at Eagles Nest - Homosassa FL

    Another tragic loss of lives as father and son die Christmas day while cave diving at eagle's nest. Both of them not being cave trained + son trying out his new gear! It's an another reminder that cave is a place no to go unless properly trained! Yahoo!
  18. azhar

    Which Knot for SMB?

    Hi, I need some help regarding which knot to use while rigging my SMB? I m using XS scuba SMB with finger spool. Regard's
  19. azhar

    Your favorite certification agency ...

    As far as dive education quality goes....I'd say GUE is on the top!
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